Never forget 9/11. Never forget that so long as America remains true to herself, America’s enemies are enemies of freedom. Never forget that America is worth defending.

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EXCLUSIVE: Jared Kushner co-owns a company that is looking to profit off the pandemic. So Trump's son-in-law and top adviser might have a #coronavirus  conflict-of-interest. Please read, RT, like, and pass along my latest:

"There's too many gaps in the tax returns, there's too many questions: why is this president paying more to foreign nations in taxes than he is to the United States? How does he cover his debt? Why are there so many golf courses losing SO much money?" @FrankFigliuzzi1  @MSNBC 

Today would be a good day for @realDonaldTrump  to explain why he did not tell voters during the 2016 campaign that he was then secretly negotiating a deal to make hundreds of millions of dollars in Russia and that he was seeking help from Putin to make that happen.

So, any of those woke staffers who care so much about human rights going to demand the resignation of the op-ed editor who is now printing open Chinese propaganda cheering the complete tyrannical takeover of Hong Kong?

Pretending the virus doesn't exist is now just a core GOP principle.

JUST IN: More than 50 GOP former national security officials endorse Biden

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Millions of Americans risk losing power and water as massive, unpaid utility bills pile up

Pres. Trump will hold more large-scale campaign rallies in Wisconsin this weekend as coronavirus cases and hospitalization rage across the state, making the clear decision to prioritize campaigning rather than worry about more people getting sick.

Bob Woodward on President Trump: "I don't want to overstate this, but he is assassinating the presidency."

Rumor: Far right people will start civil war if Trump lose. Fact: Civil war is a lie. They wanna spread the fear. They know a civil war would be end of US. Being ready to fight with arming yourself is good idea in any case. Because police state's terror isn't a joke nowadays.

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