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What Democrats think the Green New Deal would look like vs. what it would actually look like
What Democrats think the Green New Deal would look like vs. what it would actually look like
What Democrats think the Green New Deal would look like vs. what it would actually look like


BREAKING: An indictment has been handed down against musician R. Kelly by the Cook County State's Attorney office, two sources with knowledge of the development tell CNN
#BREAKING: New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft to be charged in prostitution ring
CBS' @RebeccaRKaplan reports House Democrats introduce resolution to block Pres Trump's national emergency to build southern border wall.
Trump applauded Montana Rep. Greg Gianforte for criminal violence against a journalist. He literally clapped.
Jussie Smollett's character in "Empire" will be removed from the final two episodes of the fifth season.
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JUST IN: R. Kelly charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse
Not saying it was appropriate conduct, but the @amyklobuchar fork story has now received more coverage in less than a day than Donald Trump's mob ties received during the entire 2016 campaign.
If you missed @maddow tonight, tune in another way. I learned so much, most of it deeply disturbing about Spiro Agnew, but also about whether the president can be indicted. We should hire her to join our @Stanford history department.

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Galaxy S10: Here's what photos from the camera look like
I don’t think the #StadiumSeries uniforms would bother me as much if @NHLFlyers and @penguins didn’t already dress perfectly on a regular basis. Each club in its home unis would look awesome outside. Yes or No?
@kbvker @sound_and_furyThings like this take months of planning. We tried to book it far enough out nothing else would be planned. When they announced S&F, our show was already booked. S&F will sell out no matter what. I don’t think theres much crossover but I feel bad for people who want to go to both
Wild concept video shows what a foldable iPhone might look like
The duo behind the Plié Project, which combines orgami and ballet, say they want to expand the boundaries of what ballerinas look like.
Here's what the future of Jussie Smollett's career might look like.
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