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Pelosi should just call “I’m cancelling times INFINTY!”
Is this just fantasy?
This season of “Trump” is absolutely bonkers. The writers room is binging coke.
Here’s where I explain the joke to the dolts: guys, this is a direct quote from Beto’s absurd Medium post.
Have been stuck lately. In and out of a funk. Maybe if I get moving, on the road, meet people, have some adventure, go where I don’t know and I’m not known, it’ll clear my head, reset, I’ll think new thoughts, break out of the loops I’ve been stuck in.
There is no growing pro-Israel constituency inside the Democratic Party anymore. The Democratic Party base has already decided this question; now it's just a matter of the signal reaching the upper echelons. https://t.co/g9nufoYspE
What if we just agree to float both Trump and Pelosi on a rowboat to Europe and then film it for the SOTU? This will:
1. End the shutdown nearly immediately;
2. Be amazing entertainment;
3. Give them both what they want.
I don't get the logic of Trump denying Pelosi her trip. Why not just point out that her trip will require massive logistical support -- and that she'll get it -- and that she's obviously lying about SOTU?
Trump vs. Pelosi right now
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Mostly because its losers are winners when compared to any other economic system.
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