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Why 'The Daily Wire' Will No Longer Publish Names Or Pictures Of Mass Shooters https://t.co/kFbRSIlvks
Studies suggest that mass shooters thrive on media attention. To deprive them of that oxygen, @realDailyWire will no longer publish the names or photographs of mass shooters.
@johnondrasik The real question is when rights accrue. Do they do so at 18 or 21? I’m in favor of either raising the voting age to 21 or lowering the drinking age to 18, eg. Some consistency is required here.
That one was put forward by David French, and I support it. He's not exactly a gun control advocate.
Has there been a single practical proposal put forward by advocates of gun control yet? I might have missed it.
Harvard Law Professor: Let's Have a 'Children's Crusade' For Gun Control, Let 16-Year-Olds Vote https://t.co/KzGVN9sWCS
America's Leading Scientists DeGrasse Tyson And Pinker Have A Solution To School Shootings: Stop Believing In God
So you don't care if you lose it.
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