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“You’ll only remember this yearbook page if I’m rich and famous. So tear this one out and frame it.”
You don’t know it yet (but this isn’t how parenthesis work)
In which I talk to @drdrew about everything from the meaning of life to opioid addiction https://t.co/FISejMLpm8
Check out today’s Sunday Special with @drdrew! https://t.co/FISejMLpm8
How about no hike after a long week
@JonahNRO @ElishaKrauss @KMCRadio @brianros1 @KSoltisAnderson @bethanyshondark @rorycooper @amandacarpenter @sarahmquinlan Agree. I called myself a Never Trumper, which stopped applying the day of the election. Now, as I've said, I'm a Sometimes Trumper.
I mean it couldn't have hurt though
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