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Just atrocious stuff.
And how would "intentional self-blinding" avoid offending others' sensibilities? Wouldn't self-silencing be more apropos?
And the "ink-stained line of the essay writer"? I mean, jeez. That's freshman seminar writing that gets a C-.
That last metaphor is just terrible. Boots clapping down on the ground like thunder? As Bernard Shaw might put it, WTAF?
Putting aside the flaws in Charles Blow's argument, this is just terrible writing.
My next child shall be identified as a Kryptonian https://t.co/JhHpZFO2R7
5 Unanswered Questions About The Disaster That Led To 4 American Soldiers Killed In Niger https://t.co/NkMY9AEPF6
I hear through the grapevine that @SenSanders did not receive his pudding cup.
My lord, she's going to do politics full time?!?!?! https://t.co/teHVSfrsOT
It's just like slavery except for the whole it not being remotely like slavery in any sense whatsoever thing https://t.co/4WbO5X6twJ
No, Melania didn't use a body double today. That's crazy talk. Her actual body double was at Comet Ping Pong today.
Hey everybody! Daily Wire is hiring Show Producers with writing experience. LA-based only. Resumes to careers@forwardpublishing.com!
BTW, it's not whataboutism when you acknowledge the fault in your own side.
And it is worth noting that there were serious credibility problems with Hill's allegations https://t.co/SB4mHs7l8j
Weird how CNN never does a story like this about Kathleen Willey https://t.co/SB4mHs7l8j
Hint: her name rhymes with Melsea Shmandler https://t.co/Uxppop50mu
Now would be a good time for Trump to drop that proof he tweeted about
Here's What You Need To Know About The Supposed McConnell-Bannon War https://t.co/UY2WXuhRwD
Oh btw guys ISIS just lost
@MaryLaneWSJ I want them to file criminal complaints in cases of sexual assault. And I want stars to speak up; I specifically SAID stars, who have cash.
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