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Why Are We Really Talking About Removing Confederate Monuments? Not For The Reason You Think. https://t.co/TneXY7blaD
I get the arguments on Confederate monuments. But it's a local issue, and both sides are nationalizing it for perceived political gain.
We need to separate the merits of the arguments being made from the broader political agendas of those making them. (/END)
It's the same thing they're doing with Antifa: they like Antifa, so they're using the evils of white supremacism to justify Antifa. (/3)
The Left is taking advantage of a horrible situation to press forward an agenda item, not in response to the horrible situation. (/2)
There are solid arguments on behalf of removing Confederate statues, but let's be clear: (/1)
I have a piece today about #Charlottesville at The Forward today: https://t.co/rWx9iNJbyV
No, Violent Leftist Gangs Fighting White Supremacists Aren't Heroes. They're Part Of The Problem. https://t.co/qzGpwY4Ntj
HIDDEN CHARLOTTESVILLE: Antifa Concussed A Journalist And Then Lied About It On Facebook https://t.co/x3JsL3Cqdx
Hey, @Nicky_Delmonico, this is an amazing performance at tonight's @dodgers game. Well done.
Thanks, good to meet you!
Sure, come on down.
Gary Cohn is just relieved Bannon didn't suggest he attempts auto-fellatio.
Dad and I are at the ballpark
Sure, he's a yelling, ranting doof
Trump: Episode IV: A New Hope
The power of Covfefe compels you.
Video player
"Bannon and the Mooch" will be an epic sitcom.
Gonna be lit af when Trump has Hillary indicted next week
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