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And ended like this
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So, according to the Saudis, it started like this
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#WhyIWrite Because chiseling takes too long
And I accuse Castro of eating baby elephants based on _______ https://t.co/igThtZmRab
This line of attack -- that Trump's despicable rhetoric is somehow responsible for an uptick in journalists being attacked by despots -- is silly. Despots, including both MBS and Erdogan, don't need an excuse to attack journalists, and haven't required one.
On second read, you’re right. Deleted the original tweet and made a note of it.
Then I apologize for misreading you - that’s what I got from your tweet connecting Trump’s statement with Khashoggi.
I’m seeing from NBC News that this was a takedown of spam accounts. So I’ve deleted the prior tweets, which responded to the headline and reporting from CNN, which focused on viewpoint not bots.
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