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How does she know this?
If Democrats are just looking for The Most Pissed Off Guy Who Will Yell At Trump, it's not out of the realm of possibility https://t.co/Co8rw2kjrg
There comes a point when the downside of a primary run (namely, the massive backlash against conservatives that would follow) is dramatically outweighed by the downside of another Trump top-of-the-ticket run. An n-word tape would shift that math.
So here's the deal. Yes, saying the n-word is worse than the genitals tape, and his Charlottesville comments (both of which were disgusting). Also, I think it would generally be a tactical mistake to primary Trump, since the party would then rally against conservatives.
@McCormackJohn @allahpundit I didn't vote for Trump last time, as you know, and ripped him ceaselessly for that. But even the awfulness of that tape isn't comparable to using the n-word. It just isn't.
Hey @jordanbpeterson, I love your analysis here https://t.co/OG4dZjJb9C
So the Democrats are now making rich and famous Comey and Strzok, both of whom were central in undermining the FBI and helping Hillary Clinton lose the presidency. We're 15 minutes away from Democrats funding a GoFundMe for Trump.
The real question is how many dogs Trump has actually fired. https://t.co/Z2Ox6rnl75
I'm just a Harvard man, but it would do Yale a world of good to put @jkirchick on the board of trustees. It only requires some Yale alum signatures. So make it happen! https://t.co/9Wwkwd8mYs
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