Obamacare / Pentagon / Congress / Us-Mexico / Mueller / Trump / Avenatti

?NOT TIRED OF WINNING YET? ? BREAKING: - DOJ just announced they side with court ruling Obamacare unconstitutional - Pentagon just notified Congress it will spend $1 billion to construct US-Mexico WALL ALSO TODAY: - Mueller exonerated Trump of wrongdoing - Avenatti in jail

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Obamacare / Pentagon / Congress / Us-Mexico / Mueller / Trump / Avenatti

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Yesterday was a bad day for the Cuomo Brothers. New York was lost to the looters, thugs, Radical Left, and all others forms of Lowlife & Scum. The Governor refuses to accept my offer of a dominating National Guard. NYC was ripped to pieces. Likewise, Fredo’s ratings are down 50%!

Republicans, get out and vote today for those great candidates that will lead to big victories on November 3rd. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

NYC, CALL UP THE NATIONAL GUARD. The lowlifes and losers are ripping you apart. Act fast! Don’t make the same horrible and deadly mistake you made with the Nursing Homes!!!

Vaccines are coming along really well. Likewise therapeutics. Moving faster than anticipated. Good news ahead (in many ways)!

Thread. Park police say tear gas not used to clear Lafayette Park Monday night, and that the park was not cleared to make way for Trump walk, but because of objects being hurled at police.

Chris Jacobs@JacobsNY27 ) will be a tremendous Congressman who will always fight for New York. He is Strong on the Border, our Military and Vets, and the Second Amendment. Chris has my Complete and Total Endorsement! Vote for Chris on June 23! #NY27 

Congressman Russ Fulcher@RussFulcher ) is an incredible Representative for the people of Idaho! He fully supports the Border Wall, Life, our Vets and the Second Amendment. Russ has my Complete and Total Endorsement! #ID01 

Congressman Dusty Johnson@DustyJohnson ) is a phenomenal advocate for the people of South Dakota! He helped us deliver USMCA for our Farmers, and he is strong on the Border and our Second Amendment. Dusty has my Complete and Total Endorsement! #SDAL 

Congressman Jim Banks@Jim_Banks ) is a fighter for Indiana! A highly respected Navy Officer, Jim works hard for our Vets and Small Businesses. Strongly supports the Second Amendment and our Border Wall! Jim has my Complete and Total Endorsement! #IN03