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Why is the burden from out of stock drugs in Nov (huge, at £38 frickin' million) slightly lower than the preceeding month?


by our @richiecroker

We've just found another £38m in unforeseen drug costs for the NHS because of drugs going out of stock, for this month alone. £200m this year. An EMERGENCY.

Individual CCG and drug figures here.

Civil servants are haemorrhaging out of DexEU.

You cannot force smart people with better options to spend their career implementing a stupid idea.

Brexit can only be done badly, because it is a stupid idea.

Trump's lies vs Obama's lies. A lie chart, if you will.

Nice and I don't doubt it but if making comparisons would be good to see more on methods. Fact-checking is a growing area so secular trend an issue (but note no uptick over time in Obama data)

So @NautilusMag are continuing to commission pieces while withholding money they owe freelancers. https://t.co/u4DcSAbtVo

@QuantumOverlord the electorate voted for brexit, they did not vote for parliament to have no say in what kind of brexit we have. you are being an anti-democratic silly billy and you well know it.
24 minutes and 9 seconds call to Barclays to get my Barclays debit card unblocked. I would pay for banking that managed to do this kind of thing without taking 25% of the two hours i have to relax and do stuff in the evening after work and kids.
Today these tory rebels gave parliament, and so the people, a say over what kind of Brexit we get. Bravo @dominicgrieve @Anna_Soubry @KennethClark @heidiallen75 @JonathanDjanogly @StephenHammond @SirOliverHeald @NickyMorgan01 @RobertNeil @ASandbach@JohnStevensonMPM@sarahwollastonP
Tory whips threatening to sue Tory rebels for libel, if they discuss whipping activities, is simply weak, and pathetic.

I will contribute to the libel defence fund of any MP sued by any whip. I hope others will too.

Our drug tariff tracker now checks EVERY DAY for which drugs are out of stock. NHS data analysis done as it should be, fast, and free at point of access. You're welcome.

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