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UK anti-obesity drive at risk from new US trade deal.

Expect more of this after Brexit.

Trade is always about compromise.

The compromises we make with the EU are good compromises.

The Brexit idiots promise a world without compromise. That's a fantasy.

...BUT if that vast, laborious, hugely resourced, theatrical "research ethics" regulating infrastructure, that takes so much time away from researchers, and has minimal evidence for its own effectiveness, delivers nothing here... What does that tell us about its value and impact?
British research is hugely slowed by laborious and theatrical "ethics" regulation.

Now, look at what Cambridge's Kogan is accused of.

Is this the diagnostic case?

If all the regulatory theatre is really worth it, we will see its fruits here.


Anyone got a good OXFORD PLUMBER?

Who could come tonight/tomorrow.

It's a kitchen sink tipping water into the kitchen unit from its drainage pipe. Tightening things seems to have made it worse. Anyone who has a clue could fix it pretty quickly. It's kind of urgent.
Arthur C Clarke, CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien walk into a pub...

Good industry coverage for our https://t.co/UDqG8zogB5

As our work shows, there are lots of companies with good policies and performance. We must champion the good, and bring public accountability for those who choose to lag behind.

Very niche but if you've wanted to run the kindle app in split screen mode on your giant Samsung phone while watching videos like a distractable multitasker there's a special kindle app called "kindle for Samsung" that works. In the otherwise utterly useless "Galaxy apps" folder.
Snow is falling all aROUND
Seven o'clock and the roads are BLOCKED
Lovely Jay Foreman on cycling in London https://t.co/hfXiAikdpD
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