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Doctor, nerd cheerleader, Bad Science person, stats geek, procrastinator. Currently an academic at CEBM in Oxford http://www.ebmdatalab.net ben@badscience.net

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Hello @Bandcamp can you enable Chromecast and similar from your app please? Then I can justify giving you, and the bands who sell through you, loads more money. Thanks!

The best procrastination activities are ostensibly oriented towards optimising the use of your time.
We're making Christmas cake. You're all losers.
Not quite,I said public funders could suspend primary research for a year or two to focus on implementation
@FiDaisyG @MattHancockMP I think we need a clinical academic community focused on knowledge translation, and implementing ideas into practice/tools. At the moment too often we have walled gardens, ivory towers, and a focus on academic papers as the principal output. But I'm confident funders can change!
Every time I see an expensive grey attempt by large well-funded government science organisations to make evidence impactful I'm reminded of... just how brilliant the National Elf Service is. They have the skills, the ideas, someone shld give 'em the £s.

We treat driving as a right not a privilege. The penalties and prevention strategy around known dangerous drivers are woeful. This makes roads more dangerous than they need to be.

Good blog post. But I'd prefer it if the authors did a systematic review themselves. Important issue, lots of patients.


I hope this response is only a holding blog. Peer review has a role but is mainly a slow irrelevant circus.

.. If we can get better use of data, and happy developers making great tech tools, in only some corners of the NHS, the rest will have to follow. Once you romp through the barriers, somewhere, anywhere, it’s no longer possible for anyone to say it’s impossible.

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