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Solutions > complaints Rather than complain offer solutions.

Almost* all personal finance information makes the assumption that personal income is: 1- predictable 2- stable But that is not true for most people anymore. Freelancing = lumpy income Startup = huge % of "income" in equity. New world requires new thinking.

What you should be talking about: ◻️ ◻️ ◻️ ◻️ ◻️ __◻️________________◻️_______ reaching beating your goals some index

At age 47 I’ve given myself permission to be human. To feel sad when I’m sad. To rejoice and sing when I feel like it. To feel and recognize the full emotional range of a human. I’m pretending less, and as a result, living more.

My wife is in London. At design school. It's been a dream of her's for over 25 years. AMAZING & super hard. Hard for her. She called today and cried. She's alone, scared. Tired. Hard for me. I miss her. But something can be HARD & RIGHT at the same time.

Other People's Burdens ◻️ ◻️ ◻️ ◻️ ......◻️...............◻️........ our their perception reality

When you say "risk" chances are you mean "uncertainty". The difference could kill you.

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Can I let you in on a little secret: Tactics are easy. Confidence is hard.


The concept...the very idea...of retirement is dumb. Waiting until some arbitrary age to enjoy life PLUS stopping all meaningful work all at once...DUMB. I will never retire. I will just do more of that stuff I like, and less and less of the stuff I don't.

If you dead set on pursuing MORE this year try... -More rest -More time w/ family -More time w/ friends -More meaning -More peace

The way financial planning is done is broken. Planning is a process, not an event. Planning is a relationship not a product, planning is guessing, not precision.The only thing we know for sure about any plan is that it is wrong.

Real financial advisors deserve to be paid for telling people to do nothing, when nothing is the right thing to do.