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On this day in 2009 - Ferguson gave Federico Macheda his debut and the 17 year old didn't disappoint... #beINPL  #MUFC 

Freiburg were 6-1 down and won the second leg 11-1 yesterday! Incredible tie 😍 Watch more from the Bundesliga Home Challenge right here 🎮 ⤵️ #Bundesliga  #eSports  #beINBundesliga 

Today in the #PL  🗓️ #MCFC  were meant to be playing #LFC  at the Etihad today until #COVID19  intervened. Given both teams run of form before the pandemic, how would this match have finished? #beINPL 

Heynckes: 🗣️ "Bayern made a wise decision by signing Hansi Flick as head coach." #beINBundesliga 

👀 Can you nail David Beckham’s famous free-kick against #Greece ? Screen grab your attempts below 👇 #beINTERACT 

⚽️ Best this season from the top 5 leagues 🤔 Best striker 👉 ________? Best midfielder 👉 ________? Best defender 👉 ________? Best goalkeeper 👉 ________? Best manager 👉 ________? Best team 👉 ________? Comment below who you think makes the cut ⤵️ #Football 

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The Italian Football Federation are hoping to finish this season even if it takes them until October to do so. #beINSerieA  #COVID19 


"This is about him. This is a reflection of his personality, don't give up, his fighting spirit." "Everything i think today is about Jurgen's mentality." Jose Mourinho says Liverpool's incredible comeback tonight was down to their inspirational manager. ? #beINUCL  #LIVBAR 

Proof that Firmino was ONSIDE when #VAR  official Martin Atkinson initially drew the lines! #beINPL  #AVLLIV 

A stunning admission from José Mourinho - The infamous laundry basket story was true! Here's how he got away with it... #beINMourinho  #beINPL 

✍️ How long would you like on your contract? ? What do you want your salary to be? ? Where would you like your statue? puts the big questions to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer! #beINUCL  #UCL  #MUFC  #PSGMUN 

#Mourinho and #Wenger  share the same studio for the first time! This is going to be a #UCLFinal  not to be missed. #beINUCL 

"This is more beautiful than what we can say!" ? "It's unique!" ? Mourinho and Wenger applaud the Liverpool crowd as 'You'll Never Walk Alone' booms around the stadium! Goosebumps ? #beINUCL  #UCLFinal