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How should the US police force be responding to the Black Lives Matter protests? One of the big American issues we're discussing in this month's World Questions. USListen to @QuintonLucasKC , @RepWesterman , @AjaLBrown  and @FrancisSuarez  ➡️

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Millions have already been left without work as the coronavirus pandemic continues to devastate economies. So how can governments minimise job losses and make sure younger workers are prepared for the future?

Muscovites enjoy free wifi everywhere, even on the metro, and facial recognition cameras are there to help them feel safe - but what is the Russian government doing with all that data?

"We thought we were going to be in lockdown for two or three weeks... my partner and I just celebrated our six month covid-versary." Danyl Patterson from Philadelphia decided to spend lockdown with her partner, her partner's son and mother

What do US immigrants really think of Donald Trump? Why is one woman bringing North and South Koreans together, in the name of love? Find out on this week’s #comediansvsthenews  as @MazJobrani  @Byoussef  @emanifique  @jess_salomon  take on the headlines

The editor of one of the world's most influential academic journals on why he's speaking out against the US president's rhetoric on Covid-19

From deceptive emails to fake websites, romance scams to malicious software - online fraud can happen in many ways to anyone with a digital presence. So can we do anything to stop it?

📱 How did the man who created the mobile phone prove that it worked? 🎬 Which film inspired a 12-year-old Iraqi boy to become a pioneering surgeon? Hear teenagers quiz the inventors who've shaped our digital world


This nine-year-old Kenyan inventor has come up with an ingenious way to wash his hands, and reduce the spread of the #coronavirus  👐🏾🙌🏾

Protests are raging across India over a controversial citizenship bill

Finland is governed by a coalition of five parties. All of them are now headed by women

Covid-19 is known to affect the lungs and respiratory system. But we're starting to learn what impact it can have on the mind, immune system and other parts of the body

Nine months after 51 people were murdered in Christchurch, it will be illegal to possess military-style, semi-automatic guns in New Zealand. A nationwide amnesty has seen over 50,000 firearms destroyed.

A rare polka-dotted zebra has been 'spotted' in Kenya... ? ?

The Italian army takes coffins away in Bergamo as morgues and cemeteries struggle to cope with the number of #coronavirus  deaths. Latest in Europe:

"Who believes her? Beijing just treats her as a lapdog." Hong Kong opposition dismiss reassurances over security bill

We take a look at Afrochella, one of the many festivals in Accra over the holiday period, as part of the conclusion of Ghana's 'Year of Return' Hear more: