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"We have to work towards making it more risky to be a pirate" - @SteveAskinsInc 

Trinity Rodman was selected 2nd overall in the @NWSL  draft. She tells @K_CroydenSmith  what it's like to step out from her NBA Hall of Fame father's shadow

In the 19th century, hundreds of Barbadians emigrated to Liberia following an invitation from the West African nation. Now, Barbados is offering citizenship the descendants of those who took up the offer

India’s series-clinching win over Australia was a massive moment in Test cricket - but where do India’s Gabba heroics rank in history? That’s the question we bounce around on this week’s Stumped#TeamIndia 

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Researchers working in the Amazon have filmed electric eels gathering in packs to herd prey, then stunning them with a synchronised electric shock ⚡⚡⚡ More videos from the World Service:

"I think we're going to see facts come out in the trial that aren't public." Professor of Law @kim_wehle  on Donald Trump's second impeachment

These neck rings and axe blades are around 4,000 years old but researchers say they could be the ancestors of coins

Knitting is sometimes dismissed as a gentle domestic activity, but this ancient craft has always been entwined with activism. More on The Conversation:

The EU is warning it will tighten exports of Covid vaccines produced in the bloc, amid a row with AstraZeneca over a cut in planned supplies. So what is going on? @DeutschJill  of @POLITICOEurope  explains

In 2015 the UN announced a radical plan to change the world. Global leaders came up with 17 goals to create a better future. Our new podcast hears from 17-year-olds from 17 different countries who want to know if those goals are being met


An eyewitness tells BBC that #EndSARS  protesters were kneeling in surrender when security forces fired on them in Lekki, Lagos

This nine-year-old Kenyan inventor has come up with an ingenious way to wash his hands, and reduce the spread of the #coronavirus  👐🏾🙌🏾

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Bangkok, Thailand this week in pro-democracy demonstrations, despite a state of emergency

Protests are raging across India over a controversial citizenship bill

@BTS_twt  are one of the biggest bands in the world and their #ARMY  of fans are at the heart of their success. Find out how their millions of dedicated supporters are revolutionising the music industry and the power of art to build community

Finland is governed by a coalition of five parties. All of them are now headed by women

Sick of seeing friends die from complications during pregnancy, this Nigerian woman came up with a brilliant but simple way to make a difference. Listen to more on this from People Fixing The World:

A rare polka-dotted zebra has been 'spotted' in Kenya... ? ?

Nine months after 51 people were murdered in Christchurch, it will be illegal to possess military-style, semi-automatic guns in New Zealand. A nationwide amnesty has seen over 50,000 firearms destroyed.