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Did a Florida school over-react toward a six-year-old who seems to have got out of control?

How Ebola could - just possibly - lead the way for a coronavirus Covid-19 drug

This genuinely made us quite emotional @NasriAtallah  thank you for sharing this story! #BBCWorldService 

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Booan Temple was one of the lesbian activists who stormed BBC News live on air, 30 years ago #LGBTHM2020 

Could artificially induced rainfall prevent floods? 🌧️

The Great Mosque of Cordoba is a symbol of the co-existence of Christians, Muslims and Jews dating back to medieval times. But could the rise of far-right politics in Spain change this?

Face masks might not be a very useful way to stop people catching the #coronavirus  😷

The fight against #coronavirus  is at a "decisive point", says @WHO  - here's the latest developments around the world today, in 60 seconds ⏰

We evolved to sleep outdoors, so what happened to our bodies when we moved inside?

This is what Taal island in the Philippines looks like now, more than a month after the volcano erupted. Relatives are allowed a brief return to search for loved ones #Taalvolcano 


Protests are raging across India over a controversial citizenship bill

Finland is governed by a coalition of five parties. All of them are now headed by women

Nine months after 51 people were murdered in Christchurch, it will be illegal to possess military-style, semi-automatic guns in New Zealand. A nationwide amnesty has seen over 50,000 firearms destroyed.

A rare polka-dotted zebra has been 'spotted' in Kenya... ? ?

We take a look at Afrochella, one of the many festivals in Accra over the holiday period, as part of the conclusion of Ghana's 'Year of Return' Hear more:

The "Nubian queen" who's become the face of Sudan's anti-government protests ?

Kamalaathaal hasn't raised her prices in 30 years - she says feeding people makes her happy ?

A third person has been shot by police after another day of violent demonstrations in Hong Kong

. said Navy Seal raid in was "highly su #Yemencessful ". What did the survivors tell ? ?