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This very cold snap starts to lose its grip soon but plenty of unsettled weather to accompany the milder temperatures. Here's a look ahead with Helen. https://t.co/UAmwAu9Y1G LM
Last day of the really cold weather, just in time for tomorrow's #springequinox. Still not very spring-like, though. LM
Should we still be worried about the hole in the ozone layer? Listen to Simon King and Clare Nasir as they explore some of weather’s most interesting and challenging questions. https://t.co/OtTa6qhf6y Jo
AMBER #snow warning for SW England. Updated to remove SE Wales & parts of West Country, where snow has eased, but threat extended to early hours of Monday... Darhttps://t.co/UqAgyLkupVren
#snow coming back into SE England now & expected to spread to Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire. Another 1-2cm. Darren
#SouthAsia: here's how Sunday is shaping up, with heavy showers in S #India and #SriLanka and plenty of dry weather elsewhere. Ben R
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The #BeastFromTheEast2 has been spotted in a Somerset garden, thanks #weatherwatcher Jason. CF
Can we expect more snow through the coming week? Darren Bett has the #weatherfortheweekahead: https://t.co/QatxL7HVTJ
How do Weather Warnings work: https://t.co/A3n2uF6KOO
Snow and Ice bring more travel disruption: https://t.co/b6tK2PYMML
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