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Merry Easter?! For those following our #AdventCalendar, you'll notice that jumper is making yet another outing! Here's day 10...
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We've got a shower-stream stretching from Wirral to the West Midlands that will hang around for most of the morning. CF
A mainly dry day with the best of the sunshine in the east. A few showers in the north and west today. CF
Everyone's favourite reindeer makes an appearance on day 9 of our #AdventCalendar!
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As we hurtle towards Christmas are there signs of something more wintry on the horizon? Susan Powell has our #WeatherForTheWeekAhead https://t.co/Esx5VuIa4n
A chilly night to come with a frost for some, mainly in the north and east. Mel
Everyone's favourite reindeer makes an appearance on day 9 of our #AdventCalendar!
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A winter storm is disrupting travel in the mid-Atlantic states of the USA. More wet weather is moving into the west. Nick
#Fog could affect travel in northern parts of India in the days ahead. We are also watching possible #cyclone development in the Bay of Bengal later this week. Nick
Strong winds continue to blow through parts of France and Germany into Italy. And a skier's delight as snow falls in the Alps. Nick
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