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Coming in after your xmas party:
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Cloutlighting: The new toxic social media trend
Guess who these footballers are from their Christmas party outfits https://t.co/AhYzToJ4GX

Killer Talent
Killer Chemistry
Killer Lines

Watch the show that KILLED IT.
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I can't keep eating pasta with a spoon.
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me: I hate birthdays
me on my birthday:
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"When I feel anxious... every note that I sing is letting that all go."

#ThisIsMySong is on @BBCOne tonight at 20:00
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How to survive in a falling lift and other insane survival tips you didn't know you needed: https://t.co/IyD59kKElr
Half way through a cycling challenge from Newcastle to London, Adrian was hit by a two tonne car travelling at 60mph - a speed which equates to a 95 per cent chance of death.
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⚪️ gay

⚪️ straight

⚪️ bi

🔘 old gregg
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