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All our fav bits from this week's #strictly in 30 seconds....
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You can now get a wedding bouquet made entirely out of pizza https://t.co/3iBDXbHpFk
*matches on Tinder once* #Strictly
We need Harry Maguire riding an inflatable unicorn on the new £50 note https://t.co/JH8xbjb1Gq
plans for the weekend
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This Country is born
After 26 years, Mim Shaikh is looking for the father he never knew.
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"If menopause made a man's penis shrivel up and fall off at 51, we'd have sorted it a long time ago." #WorldMenopauseDay
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"I grew up feeling like I was the only person going through this."

@MimShaikh_ talks to Complex about his new documentary, Finding Dad: https://t.co/uEbkmV5fe0
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