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From all of us at @bbcquestiontime - goodnight #bbcqt 🌓
If you'd like to join our audience, see where we are going to be in future weeks or suggest a venue for Question Time you can do so via https://t.co/OdSQnleR9c #bbcqt
“Brexit is about restoring the authority and sovereignty of parliament”
@timothy_stanley believes it is the duty of our politicians to see Brexit through. #bbcqt
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How the pound's value changed against the dollar in the wake of the draft agreement announcement #bbcqt https://t.co/Xhv5Lzrrgs
EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier warns of 'long road ahead' https://t.co/qvkOntB2Ka #bbcqt
EU leaders will meet on November 25 to finalize the draft Brexit agreement struck by EU and UK negotiators. https://t.co/YmY2WjmxHC #bbcqt
“This country is broken, we can no longer afford the Tory party. We need a general election.”
This audience member says she doesn’t want Brexit and wants a general election. #bbcqt
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“If I'm part of the EU or anywhere else in the world, do we not look like a bunch of muppets?”
This audience member says David Cameron should never have given us an EU referendum in the first place. #bbcqt
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Our fourth and final question is about another general election #bbcqt
Our third question is about another referendum on Brexit #bbcqt
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