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Presenter Today, BBC Radio 4. Formerly BBC Political Editor. Author, Election Notebook & Live from Downing Street

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Is @jeremycorbyn listening? His Deputy is warning that “unless we change, we may see more days like this". In an extraordinary video @tom_watson says we have "yet to convince the nation that we have the answers" to the country's problems
Should have included - creation of Coalition with Lib Dem Deputy Prime Minister
Does our electoral system really prevent political change as so many are claiming today ?
FOR - failure of SDP
AGAINST - creation of New Labour, rise of UKIP, triumph of SNP, Corbyn’s election & re-election, Brexit ...Next ?
Fasten your seat belts. Brussels very unlikely to make concessions to a PM who has yet to make a specific proposal & has no majority for her strategy
@tnewtondunn @ProfTimBaleI can confirm that John did interview a naked guest today although a strategically placed computer screen meant that I only glimpsed a bare shoulder. No, really
Except I did call it the Corbyn Plan but your brain kicked in and stopped listening
In the eye of the beholder Professor. There was no disdain and I often refer to people by their surnames.

The Most Relevant

Thought for the day : Those you disagree with aren’t enemies or traitors. They don’t deserve to be “knifed or lynched or hanged”. They are just people you disagree with. Those who report news you don’t like aren’t fake or frauds or enemies of the people. They are just reporters.
Trump’s attack on ’s Jim Acosta is an attack on the right of all journalists everywhere to ask tough questions of people in power. That’s our job
So @jeremycorbyn won’t talk unless No Deal is ‘off the table’ & won’t decide about a referendum but wants to keep it ‘on the table’. Perhaps it would help if he just got rid of the table?
You know what ? Football did come home - brought us together, made us proud, gave us something to cheer 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Worth a thousand words - picture of ⁦⁩ listening to minister trying to explain to MPs how immigration system will work post Brexit
My German Jewish grandparents were amongst the lucky survivors of the Holocaust. They fled Berlin in 1933. I’ll never forget. I hope you won’t. It is our greatest defence against it happening again - not just to Jews but to any race or minority
Now clear why Boris kept off air this week. Leave's promises - to get back £350m, to slash immigration & to have cake & eat it - all binned
Extraordinary. Humiliating. Unprecedented. A majority of 230 against PM’s Brexit deal. Twice as many MPs vote no as vote yes
The biggest protest since the protest against the war in Iraq. It was ignored by the leaders of Labour & the Tories. Will history repeat itself ?
The state of British politics today : @jeremycorbyn refuses to say whether Labour will back Brexit in an election he says is urgent whilst @Number10gov refuses to contemplate Plan B ahead of a vote the PM knows she will lose
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