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Source on EU side says talks are 'extremely sluggish' + have got very difficult on how to regulate shared rules and standards (our old friend the level playing field - explanationa here )

UK + EU sources both suggesting real sticking point over how those rules are policed - who sorts it out if there is a disagreement, with EU pushing for tough independent regulator to adjudicate

Suggestion on UK side that after yday's late-nighter there seemed to be a way through, but EU put a different proposal on the table today that's very difficult for UK team to accept, which has made chances of deal soon much less likely it's claimed

But sides are still talking tonight (delivery has just arrived, from the food chain Leon this time), so let's see what happens overnight - just don't know if this is the inevitable crisis before the inevitable breakthrough or something more worrying for prospects of a deal

The stumbling blocks certainly aren't new, but sense on UK side is that talks have gone backwards 24 hours -and still real problems to solve, rather than lining up jigsaw pieces for possible announcement of deal as early as tomorrow

And there are claims tonight, (also from @FT ) that France has upped the ante in terms of demands

However nothing official on the record from either side.....

Brexit: Have trade talks taken a turn for the worse?

Where have things got to on Brexit? 1. No 10 says talks have become ‘very difficult’ 2. France raised prospect of the veto 3. EU official says still poss deal this weekend

In other words, things are very tricky and there’s intense time pressure - as you were!


So far... in these elections the combined tally for the two parties in favour of no deal, the Brexit Party and UKIP amounts to 35% - combined tally for the pro Second Referendum parties is 40%.

PM kept saying no one knew about asymptomatic transmission of corona virus.. but govt scientists were looking at it as earlier as January....

No follow up Q today, nor did the PM allow Vallence or Whitty to answer question about whether they were worried about example being set by Cummings' behaviour

Former PM no 2 deeply unhappy about govt plan - Sir John Major says 'Our signature on any Treaty or Agreement has been sacrosanct... If we lose our reputation for honouring the promises we make, we will have lost something beyond price that may never be regained.'

Senior tory tells me Brexiteer anger so high that seems likely there will be a call for no confidence vote tomorrow - letters going in -

Hearing that SirGraham Brady has asked to see the PM after #pmqs  tmrw, and multiple sources, including senior tories and a cabinet minister, telling us tonight they believe the threshold of 48 letters has been reached - v unlikely to be any confirmation until tomorrow