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Our misinformation team has been looking at online coverage of the George Floyd protests. They found misleading footage and conspiracy theories. Sift fact from fiction @BBCRealityCheck ⁩

Government borrowing in April estimated at £62.1 billion, £51.1 billion more than in April 2019; the highest borrowing in any month on record (records began in January 1993) @ONS  Extraneous fact - Mr Blobby and Meat Loaf were topping the charts in 1993 #changedtimes 

This is. THE STORY OF THE DAY. Bless you @TheTonyHadley  (who once sent me a get well message by video when I fell off my bike and cracked open my skull) @BBCNews  #everystepoftheway 

A beautiful tribute from her parents: "Natasha was fascinated by language and the power of words. Working on digital news gave Natasha the platform to explore new approaches to broadcasting - something she was so passionate about." #whywearejournalists 

We will be carrying Dominic Cummings live at 4pm - reports, analysis and explanation. You can follow it live here We will also carry it live on @BBCOne  @BBCNewsChannel  #everystepoftheway  @BBCNews 

People are eager for long form online. Here are two in-depth reads - some of our most successful in traffic numbers and time spent. This by @mrjonkelly  on lockdown island style and this by on the "silent spread @davidshukmanbbcrs "

The Spectator is returning furlough money to the Treasury because the economic impact of Covid-19 was not as great as it initially feared @afneil ⁩ writes about the decision.

"People are angry for a reason. It's not like you're just born angry. You're angry because you live every day in this world where the system is not set up for you to win." @SpikeLeeJoint  speaks to @WillGompertzBBC  @BBCNews 


Mark Carney makes direct link between Brexit process & "weaker real income growth" - people poorer. "Not yet time" for interest rate rise

Government also downgraded PPE advice on Mar 13. Said it was guided by the scientific advice. Details here of @BBCPanorama ⁩ investigation into PPE supply #COVID ー19 @BBCNews ⁩ Catch up on @BBCiPlayer ⁩

SET. YOUR. WATCH. @BBCNews  delighted to announce new prime time, weekly, in-depth, political programme with the peerless @afneil  The Andrew Neil Show launches next Wednesday 7pm #BBC2  Analysis, forensic interviews with the key players - peeps, this stuff matters

Bank stocks cratering. Lloyds down 27%. Barclays 30%, FTSE down 7% #Brexit 

HMRC reveals that following Panama Papers there are 66 criminal investigations on-going & £100m of tax could be retrieved #ParadisePapers 

Remarkable - people who are aged between 30 and 39 now are earning £2,100 a year less than people of the same age group in 2008. study for reveals the persistent effects of the financial crisis, 10 years on #10thanniversary 

Pound now flirting with levels not seen since 1985. £ now at $1.34 #EUref 

My father, sadly dead now, came from Sudan to the UK in the 1960s and dedicated his career to the NHS as an ophthalmologist @Moorfields ⁩ This dedication to Sudanese-British doctors is a lovely reminder of who we rely on #COVID2019  @BBCNews ⁩

So, wow - Wolfgang Schaeuble, German finance min. "If [UK] wanted to change their decision, they would find open doors." @Bloomberg  #Brexit