Easter / Walford Easter Egg Hunt

We’ve got a little something to make your Easter weekend even more egg-cellent - a Walford Easter Egg Hunt! How many eggs can you spot? #EastEnders 

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Easter / Walford Easter Egg Hunt

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Always be more critical of the people upholding the racist system than the ones who are fighting against it.

yo ignore published media about celebrities pls. engage with those you are fans of, sure, but focus on the message. and don’t let the media distort the reputation of your generation into one that cares more about famous people than black lives. you are tenacious and smart.

Remember when we impeached Trump and the @GOP  didn’t remove him? Remember?

Antifa is far more dangerous than the “fascists” they purport to be fighting. Antifa thugs are, in fact, the true descendants of Mussolini’s blackshirts and Hitler’s brownshirts. They ARE the fascists! #AntifaDomesticTerrorists 

Seems like a lot of our mayors around the country are intimidated by their own police forces. But why? Who really runs our cities?

Thank you to all the protesters around the world fighting for whats right. Protect Black lives #BlackLivesMatter .

If anybody knows me, they know that I welcome all races, all faces in all places...as long as you don’t try to come with that bullshit.

UPDATE: We can’t get a single Tory MP to come on @GMB  tomorrow to defend their Government. There are 365 of them. Has there ever been a more gutless bunch of cowards in the history of Parliament? One of you grow a pair - we’ll take any of you.

I wonder how many bad apples got wrote up by the good cops for any misconduct last night?