Barbara Starr

Barbara Starr

A free press is a national security imperative. CNN Pentagon correspondent. RT not endorsement.

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US has located rocket launch site in #Erbil  attack last night . One mobile launcher on a truck and one fixed launcher.

Fort Hood tells us active duty troops have stepped in to help at orders of commanding general to help with water distribution and storage in several towns and also providing large generators to keep water pumping.

1/ Gen Hyten, vice chairman @thejointstaff  take unusual and interesting step of talking about "left of launch" ways to "defeat" enemy missiles at @CSIS  appearance. "Thinking about left of launch and talking about left of launch in an unclassified session is a little bit tricky"

2/ how to kill the missile before it launches? "You can think about a direct attack on that missile on the ground before it launches. But you can also think about denying the targeting system that that missile uses." (kill the targeting kills the attack.)

"We’re starting to look hard at Iran because Iran continues to build missiles in a significant way."

3/ "I would challenge anybody that lived through 2017 to look at that problem & not realize that that was a real possibility that Kim Jong-un and North Korea would actually use a ballistic missile, possibly with a nuclear warhead, in anger at the United States. "

1/Def Sec Lloyd Austin directly addresses hesitancy to get COVID vaccine. "Because of some things that have happened in the history, there’s a degree of mistrust, and I think we have to collectively work hard to dispel rumors and to provide facts to people"

2/Observing vaccine ops in Calif "I'm not a very emotional of our young soldiers here, a young sergeant, is from this neighborhood, ....he told me he administered the vaccine to his mother. That rocked me backwards.. and almost brought tears to my eyes."


In last week or so: *Russia armored vehicle deliberately crashes into US vehicle in Syria injuring 7 US. *Russian submarine surfaces off Alaska. *Russian jets cross 100 ft in front of B-52 . *Russian SU-27 follows B52 into Danish airspace violation airspace of NATO nation.

Please consider this: There are approximately 186,00 active duty United States Marines. As of today, more than 196,000 Americans have died from #COVID19 .

DoD said it was making 2,000 ventilators available for #CoronaVirus .Today we learn not one has shipped because Pentagon hasn’t been told where to send them. And only 2 mill of 5 mill masks shipped. DOD needs to know where to ship we are told

This article has been published for several hours. Complete silence from the four star generals and admirals. No words of support for the commander in chief. Or any other words for wounded and families of fallen who have read this.

Just in: Joint Chiefs of Staff preparing rare message to entire force of reassurance: reminding them the job is to support & defend Constitution and reject extremism. Its a significant step. JCS have sought to stay out of politics. Statement due to gravity of events.

This was Captain Brett Crozier washing dishes last Thanksgiving in the scullery while @TheRealCVN71  was underway in Pacific so junior crew members could get time for holiday meal. (This is how its done) . US Navy photo Airman DJ Schwartz.

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