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hey I'm bahja✌️ MGMT: jullian@theexecutiveclub.us Booking/Promotions bookbahja@gmail.com EP It Gets Better now available https://itun.es/us/MWy6-

Latest Scoops

I’m getting in somebody’s pool today
I get up and get myself together early, so when it hits after 12am I just get so tired 😴
I want a miniature pig😭😭😭 they’re so cute and smart
“If you wasn’t down for the ride, I would’ve curved you”
small cover to “Amnesia” by Cherish 💕
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let it happen and if it doesn’t, let it be. don’t force anything or anyone.
if I do a show in New York who’s coming? 👀
mf’s wake up and get straight on IG...commenting bullshit on people’s posts and ya breath smells like shit, go brush ya teeth and wash ya face 🤮
i don’t got time to gossip, I’m just tryna get to the bag.
I’m so fcking sick and tired of the photoshop 🙄
jumpsuit: @FashionNova
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