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121 million children and youth around the world do not go to school. It is time to change that. It's time to create A World at School.

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"School - instead of being a protective space - becomes a space where children and teachers are put in danger." https://t.co/9yppCWWCrk #SafeSchools
"When fighting takes place around a school, children are highly affected - education has been disrupted with 44,000 children out of school in this area.” https://t.co/9yppCWWCrk #SafeSchools
Conflict in Colombia forces thousands of children out of school https://t.co/9yppCWWCrk #SafeSchools
Global Youth Ambassador Shafiul Islam, who is also a medical professional from Bangladesh, says doctors need to work with parents on dietary changes in inclusive education. https://t.co/QwsiVt2Zrv
“Inclusive education and nutrition may help to manage symptoms in some autistic children” https://t.co/QwsiVt2Zrv #DisabilityWeek #GlobalDisabilitySummit
"Sometimes we lose hope in our daily work but President Obama recognising the work I do was a huge inspiration." Global Youth Ambassador @EnockNkuranga tells how it felt to have @BarackObama pay tribute to his work. https://t.co/7e2iNVJqd3
As a student, and then as a teacher @kirthijayakumar has seen the lines of exclusion for children with disabilities gradually begin to fade. https://t.co/S3twB3y2Ed
Donna Bowman became a special education teacher because she wanted to make a difference to young children in danger of being left behind. https://t.co/Li6VOVbdgZ
"People are quick to dismiss a disability if they are unable to see it" - Global Youth Ambassador @kirthijayakumar writes on the challenges of invisible disabilities. https://t.co/LiRSf0qMmz #DisabilityWeek #GlobalDisabilitySummit
Global Youth Ambassador @EnockNkuranga had a moment he will never forget - when former US President @BarackObama paid tribute to his work as a young leader. https://t.co/7M5K3ugY7H #MandelaDay
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