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121 million children and youth around the world do not go to school. It is time to change that. It's time to create A World at School.

Latest Scoops

Q: What do the presidents of Peru and Paraguay, the prime minister of Timor-Leste and the European Union ambassador to Egypt have in common?

A: For one day they are all schoolgirls. Because today is #DayofTheGirl. https://t.co/hlfW2fOyw2 #GirlsTakeover
It's been a major week of developments for education at the @UN General Assembly. Here's our round up of what happened. https://t.co/M27mqBu70e
Free school meals get more Syrian refugee children into the classroom https://t.co/FJT6tRxUZZ
.@EduCannotWait, the world's first fund for education in humanitarian emergencies, including conflicts and natural disasters, is already reaching 765,000 children and youth. https://t.co/AX9lSkGiVf #EducationCannotWait
It's been operational for just over a year. But @EduCannotWait is already making a major impact on the lives of millions of children in crisis-hit countries. https://t.co/AX9lSkGiVf
"Education is our right and our horizon. Please, please help us to protect our education." https://t.co/8JaBk1jTWp #UNRWA
Meet the two teenagers whose passionate plea about the future of their education received a standing ovation during an event in New York this week. #UNGA https://t.co/8JaBk1jTWp
"We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Annemiek for the passion and creativity she brings to all of our projects." Last night @SarahBrownUK presented UK @PostcodeLottery Country Director @Annamiek with a Theirworld Inspiration Award. https://t.co/JGFxwMlTFi
“These snacks are a lifeline for the poorest children.” @theirworld launches report showing impact of snack programme with partners @PostcodeLottery, that has helped thousands of Syrian refugee children. https://t.co/FJT6tRxUZZ
"Please, save our schools” - a plea from @UNRWA students gains a standing ovation at @gbceducation #UNGA Breakfast. The education of these children is under threat due to the ongoing funding crisis. #FundUNRWA #DignityIsPriceless
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