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121 million children and youth around the world do not go to school. It is time to change that. It's time to create A World at School.

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Watch and share @Dynamomagician's powerful film on broken education promises and help get every Syrian refugee child into school. Sign the #YouPromised petition TODAY https://t.co/SEAPY8iu9C
A major report by the #NoLostGeneration initiative reveals that almost 690,000 Syrian refugee children are still out of school - more than two years after world leaders promised they would all get an education https://t.co/EjbrQ6oG2O
In memory of Joy Tiku Enighe from Nigeria, some of her fellow Global Youth Ambassadors have written wonderful tributes to the young leader who campaigned for every child to get a quality education https://t.co/WFBGeWkqqr
Hundreds of thousands of kids need an education - but are being left without it. But by joining forces, we can remind world leaders of the promise that they - so far - are breaking. Sign the petition now. #YouPromised https://t.co/2953C9Tt7z
Thanks to the work of the #Safeschools campaign and its supporters, the UK has become the 74th country to sign the #SafeSchoolsDeclaration https://t.co/VrupYtKzt8 @theirworld @GlblCtzn @sendmyfriend
We spoke to Dynamo about why he travelled with @theirworld to Lebanon and what he'll say to world leaders who broke their promise to educate children #YouPromised https://t.co/gykUIC0gOc
More than 55 leading brands have pledged their support for @gbceducation's REACT initiative, launched to deliver education to children in conflicts and disasters #EducationInEmergencies https://t.co/QlPtMLAZtu
"If you invest in the human mind, then you are investing in the present and the future.
If you’re investing in the 75m children in crisis, you’re investing in humanity. Their humanity, and your own." 👏 @YasmineSherif1 #EducationCannotWait #smartinvestment
“We need to increase the quality of education. New technology can really help us succeed in leaving no one behind.” @nikolaiastrup, @NorwayMFA speaking at @gbceducation Breakfast #smartinvestment
Take a look at our LIVE blog from the @gbceducation event in Washington and find out how partnerships can help to tackle the global education crisis #BarriersToEducation https://t.co/l40c1TkVV2
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