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121 million children and youth around the world do not go to school. It is time to change that. It's time to create A World at School.

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Start the week with our roundup of all the essential news on education and early learning. https://t.co/egg87hZUjQ
Three years on: Girls returning from conflict in DR Congo find acceptance through education https://t.co/JisNp1YTa1
The latest edition of our weekly news roundup is out. Catch up on everything you need to know from the world of education and children's rights here: https://t.co/egg87hZUjQ
In a refugee camp hosting more than 85,000 refugees, a young mother of two have paved her way as one of the most popular teachers in the camp. https://t.co/FstnrmnFUv
The White House has blocked an emergency effort to finish major U.S.-funded school, water and sewage projects in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, reports @NPR

Millions return to school after a strike in Guinea and teachers get paid in Yemen. Catch up on the latest education news with our latest weekly roundup: https://t.co/egg87hZUjQ
“Extreme cold and the lack of medical care, for mothers before and during birth and for new infants, have exacerbated already dire conditions for children and their families.” https://t.co/nPTg7u6ih6
Learning doesn’t have to be confined to a traditional classroom. It can take place anywhere in the world, including a boat, train and even in a bomb shelter. Here are 15 of the most unusual schools in the world. https://t.co/YhaSwPvaV1
China's frozen-hair boy one year on, school aid for refugees and a deadly attack on a Syrian school are among the topics in our latest news round-up. https://t.co/e4j27Mu4Di
“I grew up in an environment where you have to struggle for everything to get what you want or else the society will knock you down." Meet Musa, @theirworld's Global Youth Ambassador of the Year. https://t.co/fcqH7JO9EV
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