A handy household tip for those who need to get zip ties off of your bread, bags of apples, Doritos and other everyday things that one might need to remove zip ties from.

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Saint Laurent officially confirmed that #Blackpink 's Rosé is the new global face of the brand for Fall 2020.

I just started watching my fans singing #YoshikiEndlessRain  videos. I love them! I decided to make this secret online project even bigger. So the deadline has been extended through July 5 11:59pm USA, LA time ! Send us more!! Details: #Yoshiki 

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These are the best Fourth of July deals on clothes, shoes, makeup and more.

Sky News broadcast sent into meltdown as child gatecrashes live interview

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Just checking. It’s illegal to say, “no cap” if you’re over 30, correct?

Ray Fisher is accusing Joss Whedon of "abusive, unprofessional" behavior on the #JusticeLeague  set

I didn't like it when those White bikers had their weapons, and I don't like it that these Black protestors have these ginormous riffles! I'm pretty consistent!