“A nation whose citizens have no knowledge of history asks to be led by quacks, charlatans, jingos. As he proved since he rode to prominence on the lie of Obama’s birthplace, Trump is all three. Without knowledge of history, we’re doomed to repeat him.”

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This @fentybeauty  #SlipShineLipstickChallenge  is a kiiiiii!!! Ugh! By the 3rd time, it turns into all kinds of Ship Slime-Shit Shine madness! How many times y’all could say #SlipShineLipstick  in a row? Cause me and Jenn clearly suck!!!

Tonight, Half an hour or so after sundown, just below the big dipper, a comet will be visible. The last time this comment was seen by anybody with their naked eye was millennia before the ancient Greeks.

Watch out for the friends that hold their applause for your wins… but give standing ovations to strangers in the same field as you...

Nevermind that. Use that energy for you and yours, your well being is more important. 🙏🏾

Living life in color 💛💖💙💚 I love my team!! One of my other besties JP, even though he get on my damn nerves, he be slaying tf out of my hair 🔥 I luv u bestie we be having so much fun tho!!!

love learning about dishes I never knew about. this is now going to be a life staple! avgolemono, Greek egg, chicken and lemon soup (apparently great for hangovers)

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