“A nation whose citizens have no knowledge of history asks to be led by quacks, charlatans, jingos. As he proved since he rode to prominence on the lie of Obama’s birthplace, Trump is all three. Without knowledge of history, we’re doomed to repeat him.”

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leave me in the dark with a hole for a heart

Peep the BTS video of #MeQuedareContigo  with my brotha from anotha @pitbull  🙏🏾

That scene in Toy Story when Buzz gets trapped in the claw #Strictly 

What would you do? 😮😵[NSFW]

That was an amazing @bbcstrictly  fantastic dances each and every one of you.... it’s gonna be hard to say goodbye x

Let’s welcome the second group for tonight and they called themselves #TeamObidike , let’s hear about their secret weapon for tonight’s performance. #ThePeoplesHero 

From baby Gretas and Harrisons to the little Ronnies and Maisies... (via our pals @MotherAndBaby )

The first UK date of the Real Life tour was a dream! I really felt our spirits connect last night, as a performer there's nothing more I could ask for. Thank you Stoke-on-Trent for your warmth and welcome home, a night full of magic that I won't forget x 📷 Emily Hardy

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