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Usman Khawaja’s older brother has been drawn into a terror investigation after being questioned last week over a notebook https://t.co/HXfQmxo4lQ
Dave Sharma says it would have been “more helpful” if Malcolm Turnbull had publicly supported his campaign in Wentworth https://t.co/gw8Ngd3Whv #WentworthVotes
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is scrambling to contain global backlash over the death of journalist Jamal #Khashoggi https://t.co/D6s7b3rMCq
BREAKING: Central Coast Mariners believed to have offered Usain Bolt an A-League contract https://t.co/E2Vy8MjEbG @usainbolt
@JohnStensholt @Gatty54
Australia has won its first gold medal in the 2018 Invictus Games. https://t.co/4fmWCA5tX2
Abbott’s role in Turnbull’s demise https://t.co/IbyCdHDBV4
A threat from Abbott sowed the seeds of Turnbull’s demise, according to the first book to be published since the Liberal leadership spill https://t.co/g2yNseXiHf @David_Speers
‘Headless chicken monster’ spied https://t.co/y18U3CC8tb
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