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Austin Ramzy

Austin Ramzy

New York Times reporter in Hong Kong 紐約時報記者王霜舟 previously @UMKnightWallace @TIME @ucbsoj austin.ramzy@nytimes.com

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The New York Times' editorial board calls Jimmy Lai's arrest "the latest and clearest signal that China intends to make full use of that sweeping new legislation to stifle free expression and undermine Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement."

Treasury statement and details of those added to the sanctions list

Stunning scenes of officers leading Lai through Apple Daily's offices during a police raid there, livestreamed by the newspaper

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Next Digital statement on the arrests and police raid today: "In the face of these illegal, unreasonable and barbaric tactics, the staff of Apple Daily will stay fearless and continue speaking the truth amid persecution."

After 12 hours at my keyboard, I will attempt to peel myself away. See you all again tomorrow when we learn how the NPCSC decides to handle the election delay


More than 400 pages of internal Chinese documents detail the origins and growth of the indoctrination program in Xinjiang, where a million or more predominately Muslim minorities have been held in a vast network of detention centers

The coronavirus has shaken Hong Kong, a city with bitter memories of SARS and record low trust in its government after a monthslong mass protest movement

The police presence in Admiralty today feels like Beijing during the Arab Spring. There was a call for protest in Wangfujing, but only a few turned up and were quickly surrounded by police

As temperatures flare in Legco, recall the scuffles among lawmakers almost exactly one year ago that presaged the mass protests over the extradition bill

Having worked in places that require journalist cards and others that don’t, my sense is it is largely about control, not protecting reputations

I don’t you usually say this about my stories, but please read, please share and please let us know what you think. Here's a condensed version with the key takeaways