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Kohler | Right now, the government needs to get over the idea that the best form of welfare is a job. #auspol  @AlanKohler 

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Ireland’s official coronavirus death toll is likely to have been overstated, report finds

🎶 "Don't be a gowl ... GOWL!! (G🦉)" 🎶 A tale from Noni about Little @ConorMurray_9  & Little @KEITHEARLS87 , including two new songs from Noni herself. 😂🤣😂 @DermotTodayFM  @DaveTodayFM 

Ireland faces a 'deep downturn' this year and may not rebound until 2024 if there is a second wave

New HIQA figures show there were 1,200 more deaths during the height of the #CoronavirusIreland  pandemic than would normally be expected.

Those who are on the Pandemic Unemployment Payment will not receive payment if they leave the country to go on holidays, including the time you will be required to self-isolate when you return. @DermotTodayFM  @DaveTodayFM 

‘The rental situation stops me moving back home’

The Finance Minister@Paschald  says we were only able to push back the #Coronavirus  because people on both sides of the border stayed away from funerals and other large gatherings.