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American shale drillers helped turn the US into the world’s top #oil  producer, topping 13 million barrels a day earlier this year. It likely will be years - if ever - before they reach such heights again.

Private jets fly through the downturn as executives keep their distance. #aviation  #coronavirus 

The world may have avoided another financial crisis thanks to swift action by central banks and governments, but Aviva Investors CEO says the economy won’t necessarily go back to “normal” as rapidly as the sharemarket rebound implies. @DavidRogersOZ 

Disclosure exemptions to protect company top brass as coronavirus wreaks havoc on guidance, outlooks #ausbiz  #auspol  #finserv  #coronavirus 

Kirby | Property auction clearance rates less than a clear signal in #coronavirus  environment @kirby_journo  #wealth  #investing  #property 

Trading Day | Livia Wang calls them “solopreneurs” — the more than 200,000 brand influencers around the world who will help her business double this year despite the COVID-19 pandemic. #ausbiz 

Gyms pose limited risk of #coronavirus  transmission and are well placed to monitor potential outbreaks, says Harry Konstantinou, CEO of health club operator Viva Leisure, as the company outlined steps to reopening its doors. @maxmaddison  #ausbiz7 

Durie | Bain Capital’s decision to break ranks and spruik its credentials ahead of Friday’s Virgin short-listing is subject to myriad ­theories, none of which are ­immediately positive except in supporting the target. @John_Durie  #ausbiz 

Fortescue’s bid to protect price data takes a hit in UK court @crankynick  #ausbiz  #mining  #legal 

ANZ could reduce the size of its business in China as a result of the nation’s mounting tensions with its most important trading partner, according to chief executive Shayne Elliott. @Gluyasr  #ausbiz  #china  #banking  #finserv 


A corporate executive has resigned after being outed as a serial public defecator by vigilant neighbours who photographed him in the act $AOG #ausbiz  #poojogger 

The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions has admitted it does not have the resources to tackle a large stream of legal cases flowing from the #bankingRC  by #ausbiz  #estimates  #ASIC 

KOHLER: America appears near to major economic depression and social collapse, and this is now top of the list of dangers from COVID-19.

The idea that pent-up demand will drive a strong recovery is simply wrong, says Jim Rickards. #ausbiz  @bizticky 

Australia has suffered one of the steepest falls in wage growth of any advanced country

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Billions of dollars in overseas CBA transactions not properly monitored, bank review finds.

Ascent of the robots has begun, and it’s not good for humankind