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atul kasbekar

Photographer, Producer #Neerja #TumhariSulu, #CheatIndia head of Bling! Lifetime fan of the Arsenal FC, the LA Lakers... and all things Team India

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Saw the first half of the #BAYCHE  game last night Fair to say that #Lewandowski  is an absolute beast of a striker! Super in the air, excellent hold up play, passing and ice cold finishing CL Stats only 2nd to CR7/ Messi Really deserves more recognition for his play

@ProG44507961  @assistant_o  @ndtvzilThe  irony of being a salesman for a product with a clearly fraud promise coming back to bite you is delicious It’s laugh worthy Save your easily outraged angst for the people who try and profit from fake products

@satishkaushik2  You make me smile with your infectious energy whenever I have the good fortune to bump into you Satish ji Here’s to many more years here

Happy to be able to assist We are #StrongerTogether  ?????

Dude 1: Hey, bro! Dude 2: Yeah, bro? Dude 1: Can you pass me that pamphlet? Dude 2: Brochure ? (Via text;-))

Keep the emotion and the more famous names aside pls The fantastic acrobatic effort by #TyreeceJohnJules  is the goa @of  the season Gooners, did you vote? @JohnTyreece 

Is there a process of redressal for the absurd electricity bills from @Adani_Elec_Mum  ? Serious question

You’re amazing Sending you warmth and love from India ?? ??

@GeoffArsenal  Have watched bout 20 games between Highbury n The Emirates over the last 2 decades Flying out of India, planning work meetings round home games!? Long before it was ‘cool’ to follow the epl The game itself n the club gets bigger n bigger when it’s reach is a lot further than N5

Advances in training methods, nutrition, recovery, sports medicine seem to suggest that athletes can perform at top levels well into their 30s, unlike say a decade back Federer LeBron Cristiano Hamilton Till recently footballers in their early 30s got traded or short extensions


An astrophotographer has clicked an exceptional video, wherein we can feel the rotation of the earth Using a tracking mount, aligned with North Star, he kept clicking images every 12 seconds for the next 3 hours. The camera is looking at the same portion of the Milky Way Fab!


This image broke my heart And if this boy grows up with a justified sense of rage and sought vengeance, then who could blame him? The never ending cyclic madness continues And if your ‘god’ and his teachings interpreted by whoever justifies this, it’s time then to stop praying

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This BBC video of the highly dangerous but unreal bit of work from @emimartinezz1  should put to rest the ‘handball’ speculation Tbf I thot it was when I 1st saw it And don’t show me the still shot floating around wt the ball outside; apparently it’s doctored #FACup  #ARSvsCHE 

This is superb from the @MumbaiPolice  ! Scene below a friend’s bldg in Babulnath, South Mumbai Some kids were flouting curfew/ social distancing orders and the beat cops made them all do ‘baithaks’ on the pavement.? Well done More of the same pls ???????? @CPMumbaiPolice 

And I’ve just been reliably informed that the photographer of this magical video is: Aryeh Nirenberg His Youtube channel: … Instagram : Thank you for the info Appreciate ????? @pradyukrish 

Can’t understand the sour grapes from some who lost, whining about @AamAadmiParty  ‘freebies’ The freebies/ subsidies r in healthcare, education ++ My sister lives in Austria where education n health is state sponsored n virtually free We applaud it there, why not here then?

Attn Hospital CMOs We’re allotting PPE material as made available If you are in need of some pl email boomzy123 @gmail .com Impt: hospitals will have to give an undertaking that they CANNOT bill patients for PPE gear donated by us No exceptions @ManMundra  @TringIndia 

For those technically inclined here’s the dope from the photographer You would need to acquire the tracking mount for a start

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