Atul Butte

Atul Butte

Director, Bakar Computational Health Sciences Institute @UCSF_BCHSI; Chan Zuckerberg Distinguished Professor @UCSF; Chief Data Scientist @UofCalifornia Health

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Shocked and saddened to hear about the sudden death of Dr. Debbie Nickerson, giant in genomics. Rest In Peace.

For all the folks coding up US #COVID19  vaccine card readers, please keep in mind that if the first card doesn’t have room to write the booster dose, they may have to give someone a second card…

Amazing… search through and view 487,782 items in the @MuseeLouvre !

So great to see our @UofCAHealth  Chief Health Data Officer@Cora777  presenting on Friday at the US @ONC_HealthITArtificial  Intelligence Showcase: Seizing the Opportunities and Managing the Risks of Use of #AIin  #HealthIT  Register here

@shawnxu  @ayirpelleI  don’t think this is true, at least on an automatic basis like you’re suggesting. Speaking from first hand experience, 3 companies spun out of Stanford…

@shawnxu  @ayirpelleI  think what’s being confused here was Stanford’s previous practice in _investing_ in their faculty and student startups. They would often go for 10% of the round being raised. But Stanford _PAYS_ for that 10%…

@BikalpaN  @shawnxuT  @ayirpellehe  10% investments were from various different pools, and in my experience, were almost automatic for faculty/grad startups and I think later StartX startups as well. The “default” undergraduate driven non-StartX Stanford startup got no Stanford investment, right?

Amazing to see digital health startups raised $29.1 billion last year! What an amazing time to innovate! (via @FierceHealth )


Predicting eclipses is not the only thing science can do. If you loved today, you should see what we have in vaccines & climate change…

From @NBCNews : Virtually all hospitalized Covid patients have one thing in common: They're unvaccinated

This is actually a big deal: the College of American @Pathologists  (CAP) has secured the ability from @HHSGov  & @CMSGov  for pathologists to review slides remotely, blowing open digital telepathology! HT Greg Goldgof

Awesome! A vaccination card (or proof of a negative #COVID19  test) will become a requirement at ~300 bars across San Francisco starting this week! via @SFBusinessTimes 

Wow, gorgeous! @UCSF  releases latest designs for new Parnassus Heights hospital, working with design consultants @HerzogdeMeuron  and architect @HDR_Inc …

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All the data in the world will not make a difference, unless there are people ready to use it.

YES! Sunnyvale-based @CepheidNews ⁩ receives Emergency Use Authorization from @US_FDA ⁩ for 45-minute #SARSCoV2  point of care testing, can operate on Cepheid's 23,000+ automated GeneXpert® Systems worldwide!

Great move! @Zoom_us  CEO Eric Yuan giving K-12 schools videoconferencing tools for free!

Imagine for a moment, what if every time a drug failed a patient, we filed a bug report? What if we explored every treatment failure, clinically, biologically, and socioeconomically? So that it didn’t happen again in 2.0? #JPM20 

Whoa! @Medtronic  is publicly posting the design specifications for their Puritan Bennett™ 560 ventilator for innovators and engineers! HT @CatchTheBaby