"71% of our elected officials are men. And they don't know sh*t about birth control." -- @sophiabush 

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#TREASURE EDITORIAL vol.4 Photography for treasure maker 2020/2/3rd week #트레저 #TREASURE_EDITORIAL  #vol_4  #YG 

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This is the worst night for a billionaire since Bruce Wayne’s dad walked down that alley. #DemDebate 


Bloomberg: "So what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?" #DemDebate 

Arena Homme Plus magazine taps CHOISIWON as the new cover guy for their 14th anniversary issue! He showed off his perfect gentlemanly beauty with suits of colorful styles! 😎 #CHOISIWON  #최시원 #SUPERJUNIOR  #슈퍼주니어 @SJofficial 

Here are others President Trump pardoned who are utterly ignored because they destroy the media’s narrative

Hoping to get the media's attention, Elizabeth Warren has arrived dressed as a billionaire. #DemDebate 

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Bloomberg is an unmitigated disaster tonight. He’s not prepped well and he comes off snippy and smug. #DemDebate 

Jesus christ, Liz Warren is kicking ass all over the place.