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My daughter put some of my wife’s perfume on me and this is honestly cool, I smell delightful and it’s somehow comforting in an unanticipated way?

Pure evil, the sort that enjoys respectability and wields the impunity it knows it possesses.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that reading comic books rots your mind. It equipped me to catch a minor-but-potentially-cascading continuity error in my eighth book chapter.

I’m just going to start asserting that the holiest time in Christianity falls around Labor Day and see who goes along with it.

“Advisers involved with the transition team, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss planning for the incoming administration, rejected the notion that there would be any attempt to dismantle the existing border wall...”

Look at my beautiful child. If you’re interested in learning about the specific ways the Forever War paved the path to our current American political moment, you can know PREORDER REIGN OF TERROR: Please please do!

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As the above typo indicates, the book has yet to be copy-edited

Bookshop link for those who’d like to preorder from anywhere that isn’t the exploitative monstrosity known as Am*z*n:

And from the publisher, directing you toward several booksellers:


Wow super strange how they’re not kettling them, dousing them with tear gas, bashing them with batons,

ICE is feeding Muslim detainees pork at its Krome detention center in Miami and its chaplain dismisses this basic, deliberate dignity violation by saying “it is what it is.”

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When asked if she would put herself on the casino floor with the workers she’d be endangering, the mayor dodges before saying, “first of all, I have a family.”

On the one hand, Space Force is a foolish idea that solves no actual problems, but on the other hand, it's a great way to transfer taxpayer money to defense contractors

Aaaaaaand the Pentagon just made Michael Flynn aide Ezra Cohen-Watnick acting undersecretary for intelligence.

EXCLUSIVE: A Green Beret involved in an intelligence activity in Mali discovered 2 Navy SEALs were stealing money from it. Now he’s dead & they’re under investigation for killing him - after picking the worst cover story possible.

PUTIN: Bone sawwwwwwww waddup MBS: Humbled!!!! You were having journalists killed while I was in school! Kinda can't believe this is happening bro

This was always Rudy Giuliani. It just affects white people now. This concludes my presentation

NEW: When the expired parts of the PATRIOT Act come back for a vote in the Senate this week, they’re going to include a push to expand surveillance authorities into warrantless collection of your search and browsing history. For starters.