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“These protests come just after General Electric announced it would be laying off 10 percent of its domestic aviation workforce, firing nearly 2,600 workers, along w a ‘temporary’ layoff of 50 percent of its maintenance workers in a bid to save the company ‘$500 m to $1 billion’”

Don’t forget that even during Coronavirus the US and Iran are on a knife point and escalation remains a very real danger.

America was never prepared to actually remember 9/11 in its horror, trauma and immediate cynical political manipulation. Now we’re doing something worse: creating false nostalgia for an unmitigated disaster to use as a cudgel against Trump, though it’s part of how Trump got here.

The people creating this nostalgia, like the MSNBC host who used to work for Bush and the Time managing editor who somehow has forgotten a defining event of recent American history, are those who experienced the fewest consequences from the generation-long nightmare 9/11 begat.

Where are the strike funds for Amazon and Instacart workers? How can we support?

I have gotten my kid into The Ex. H/t Coronavirus

This is the military version of “sacrifice your lives for the economy.”

A tear rolls down my cheek. During this trying time for all humanity, these heroes are still making killer drones

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On the one hand, Space Force is a foolish idea that solves no actual problems, but on the other hand, it's a great way to transfer taxpayer money to defense contractors

EXCLUSIVE: A Green Beret involved in an intelligence activity in Mali discovered 2 Navy SEALs were stealing money from it. Now he’s dead & they’re under investigation for killing him - after picking the worst cover story possible.

PUTIN: Bone sawwwwwwww waddup MBS: Humbled!!!! You were having journalists killed while I was in school! Kinda can't believe this is happening bro

He's accused of tying a woman up in a basement to photograph her naked, making her perform oral sex on him when she tried to leave, and blackmailing her into silence. You misspelled "rape."

Perhaps the most disturbing story I have ever reported in ~15 years of covering national security is coming your way this evening.

Shame on reporters who didn't walk out of the White House briefing denied to their CNN, NYT etc colleagues.

NEW: Nunes memo says FBI's McCabe testified there would be no surveillance warrant on Page "without the Steele dossier information." Two sources tell me McCabe never said that.

Always keep in mind that we are the last generation to grow up with Survivors. We are in for an onslaught of Holocaust Denialism.

"If she gave up her asylum claim and returned to Guatemala, she and her daughter would remain together. If she applied for asylum, on the other hand, Maria would be thrown in jail for a year ****and her daughter would be put up for adoption."****

EXCLUSIVE: A senior NSC official last February proposed moving some US troops out of the Baltics as an overture to Russia. This is the first known instance in which Trump-Russia questions centered around withdrawing troops from Europe.