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CA Dept of Corrections confirms a riot at Donovan Correctional Facility in the San Diego area... Multiple fights broke out on the yard. Non-lethal forced was used. Multiple ambulances responded and Life Flight. 10 inmates injured - one seriously.
The FAA has resumed limited service in and out of Dallas by using a contingency plan after smoke was reported in the TRACON Center
Per FAA flight issues in North Texas are due to smoke reported at the TRACON Center which came from construction. Airport towers are NOT evacuated at DFW and Love Field. It was the TRACON Center evacuated.
Chicago Police tell @newsburrow the Police Star bearing the number that the pilot in Sunday's deadly crash in Yorba Linda, CA had was reported lost in 1978. Police say the badge and ID were fake. CPD says he never worked for Chicago Police.
Thanks to @ABC7Brandi for letting me crash her show to talk plane crash latest.
A twist in the OC plane crash into a home story... It turns out he apparently was NOT a former Chicago Police Officer. Investigators say the police credentials he had on him at the crash site were not real! Why he had them they don't know.
OC Sheriff ID's pilot in yesterday's fatal plane crash into a home as 75-year-old former Chicago police officer Antonio Pastini
FAA confirms Cessna down in Yorba Linda neighbored. Unknown injuries. Multiple homes on fire. Had just left Fullerton Airport.
Hunt for escapee from Pitches Detention Center on Castaic/Santa Clarita. Manhunt is on now. David Luis Bustamonte is described as a male Hispanic 43 years-old, 5’6” tall, approximately 155lbs, short black hair, brown eyes and unknown clothing description.
Alright @Denver7Traffic the boats are ready for the jalapeño poppers! The greatest recipe I ever stole from you! #SuperBowlSunday

The Most Relevant

In documents obtained by ABC News, right before or during shooting, Thousand Oaks killer wrote on social media "the only thing you people do after these shootings is ‘hopes and prayers’… or ‘keep you in my thoughts’… every time… and wonder why these keep happening…"
The scene outside the mortuary where John McCain’s body is being protected. Volunteers from the military and the Lakota tribe are protecting him as well.
Multiple law enforcement sources tell ABC News Thousand Oaks killer shot employees at entrance, then paused to tweet and/or post on social media, continued killing and was waiting for police when he killed Sgt Helus on arrival
An emotional former campaign manager Rick Davis reads final letter to the American people from John McCain
LAPD and LAFD investigating car into crowd on Pico Blvd in Midwilshire section. Total of 6 patients. LAPD says driver remained on scene.
A year ago at this hour 19 firefighters were killed in Prescott, AZ. A ceremony underway now. Remembering the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots.
Huge crowd celebrating around assistant manager in winning 7-11 #Powerball
Two custodians at Cal State San Marcos try to stop a wall of flames by themselves before firefighters join them
Just in - multiple law enforcement sources tell ABC News Las Vegas shooter's girlfriend - who is a person of interest now-has landed at LAX
Protesters burn a #Trump2016 Make America Great Again hat after rally
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