Bernie Sanders / Iowa Hampshire / Bernie

Bernie Sanders: “They’re looking at polls in Iowa and New Hampshire and they’re saying, ‘oh my god, Bernie can win!’l

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Bernie Sanders / Iowa Hampshire / Bernie

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Look so forward to being with my great friends in INDIA!

Breaking: We won Nevada! We are building an unprecedented grassroots movement, and together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. Let’s take the next step and win it all. Chip in here:

In America you should not suffer financial ruin because you got sick.

All the anti-Sanders op-eds, the endorsements against him, the warnings from party leaders, the dirty ads from DC groups, the CIA leaks. None of it matters. They no longer have power. And they know it. That's why they're freaking out. Their last hope: beg Bloomberg to stop this

Congratulations, Bernie. You've got the momentum. You've got the enthusiasm. You've got the people.

As a candidate, @realDonaldTrump  promised to help solve the water crisis that was crippling American farmers due to chronic mismanagement and misguided policies. On his watch as President, the job got done—fast.

As reports emerge of renewed Russian interference, remember that Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans have blocked election security bills that would: —Require campaigns to report foreign interference —Hold social media companies accountable —Ensure backup paper ballots

Justice Sotomayor is right to sound the alarm. If Trump wins in November, the Supreme Court essentially will become a rubber stamp for his assault on immigrants, health care and equality. The stakes couldn't be higher.

The extent to which MSNBC isn't even pretending any more - they're just an all-out, unmitigated STOP-SANDERS!! propaganda outlet - is astonishing to watch even for those of us who have long held it in contempt. Remember what @fshakir  said this week:

Andrew Yang criticizes the caucus process: "If you're going to be a democracy, and you're trying to empower voters, why would you make it harder for people to vote in your earliest nominating process?" #cnnelection