In What Countries and Why Are Russian brides Popular

Russian brides have been popular in the world at all times: they became queens, duchesses, wives of great musicians, artists, writers.

But not all of them. Romain Rolland, marrying Maria Kudasheva, wrote that Russian women are the best wives. Do modern foreigners agree with him? What do they even find in Russians?


Brides for Export: How Many Foreigners Take Russians Away

The increase in popularity of Russian brides began in the early 1990s when borders were opened, the model business came to the country and also the number of foreign tourists increased. It turned out that our girls are pretty good-looking, naive, tender - and in addition, in a strange way, they know how to cook and love home comfort. This is at a time when Western ladies massively plunged into the struggle for their rights and wallowed in feminism: no need in flowers, compliments are insulting, courtship is a waste of time. Savvy foreigners returned from new Russia with impressions and companions in life. The local business caught the demand, and marriage agencies across the country appeared everywhere.

Not all girls found their happiness: without knowledge of the language and laws in a foreign land, they found themselves in difficult situations. But even in their homeland, princes with living space and a tender heart are not found so often, therefore, even after an unsuccessful marriage in the homeland, the girls do not give up.

Despite the many risks and differences in mentality, much fewer marriages with foreigners break up than with compatriots. 80% of families are strong enough and persist for many years. Over the past decade, every fifth bride from Russia has married a foreigner. However, the CIS countries are also included in these figures. According to the Moscow registry offices, they most often leave for Germany, Great Britain, and Turkey.


Findbride Review: What Attracts Russian Wives to Foreigners?

Our women do not have pronounced feminist views, are more delicate in communication than foreign women. They value family and home, are economic and love to cook. “The path to the man’s heart lies through the stomach” - means that the stronger sex appreciates home comfort. And Russian women remember this and willingly demonstrate their economic skills.

Russians are good-looking, they care about their appearance and clothes. And if a short skirt, perfect body, and stilettos are often the subject of caustic remarks for Russian men, foreigners sincerely admire it. Many Western women treat themselves rather casually, do not refuse food for the sake of a figure. Even French women rely on the notorious charm, not caring about maintaining it.

A Russian woman is striving to delight her husband's eye. She is well-groomed and combed in the morning, and carefully dressed to go shopping. She uses cosmetics and elegant clothes for walks and meetings with friends, while even French and Italians wear spectacular dresses exclusively for holidays.

A Russian wife hires a maid only in extreme cases, keeping her house from the presence of an outside woman. Coziness and warmth are created not only with good furniture and a comfortable spacious apartment: the design is thought out carefully - with taste and love.


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