Is it Possible Find Excellent Moving Services and How to Find Them?

Every year millions of people move to other houses for one reason or the other. Most of them have to struggle and face a lot of challenges, especially if they decide to do it themselves. Hiring professional movers is a must, but unless you select the company to help you with moving and storage services, you may end up in the hands of rogues with shoddy practices. How do you identify an excellent company to offer the best moving and storage options?


Moving Inventory

A reputable moving service will not rush to tell you how much they will charge before taking inventory of your belongings.  The estimator has to be through by checking all drawers, bookcases, garages, and cupboards. Most companies charge you according to the weight of the stuff and space they will take in a truck.  Ask them to explain to you and confirm that it's accurate.


Avoid Paying Any Company Asking For a Large Deposit

A reputable company will not demand large deposits before they can offer you moving services.  Making payment in advance is a bad idea because the company will have made a sale, and if they are not professionals, you might not get any services. The best time to pay is after you have relocated and do it using a credit card for safety.


Avoid Hiring a Company That Has Several Names

There are moving companies operating under different names and are trying to hide from reputable reviewing platforms such as Better Business Bureau.  Check if they have a local address and gather as much as information as you can find regarding their license and insurance. When you contact them, the person who answers the phone should respond to the company’s full name.

Go online and check for any complaints from previous clients regarding their different names.  Find out anything related to the moving company’s history and make a sound decision based on what you learn about their services. This is extremely important; whether it’s an old company or an upcoming one.


Ask For Recommendations

Your friends or family must have some recommendations. Contact several movers recommended and ask them any questions you may just to see which will meet your needs perfectly.


Watch Out For Any Extra Fees

Some companies have hidden fees, especially for customers living in apartments that are located on a high floor. Movers will charge the cost of having to use elevators and stairs. Others even add more charges if they have to deal with a narrow street where their track cannot fit.  Ask for possible additional fees before you hire any company. Some can inflate charges to an excessive amount.


Read the Fine Print and Never Deal With a Company with a Blank Contract

You should never sign a contract without reading their terms and conditions. Some companies will even give you a blank contract; this is very risky. Ask them to list estimated charges and any possible extra fees along with the date when they will be helping you move out.  What’s more, all your items must be listed in the contract. Anything not listed will not be at risk and just in case it gets lost, you cannot claim.


Avoid a Guaranteed Quote

Moving companies offer three types contracts and they include:

         Non-Binding Estimate

This type of agreement means that you are not required to pay a deposit of more than 10%. Any overages can be paid within a month after the delivery services.

         Non-binding estimate to exceed the estimate

This contract ensures you are not charged for overages. So, you simply pay for the estimated amount without any additional costs.

         Binding Estimate

This contract guarantees you a price for the moving services and extras. However, if you need extra services such as unpacking, you are allowed to pay for the services within a month after the services are offered.

Doing research makes it possible to find excellent moving services. If you can follow the tips above, you will definitely enjoy a smooth move. This is about your home, and you should risk anything about it. Find the best services possible and especially offered by local companies.



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