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Consumer Health Digest: Trusted Health Information & Product Reviews

10/18/2018 17:10

The internet offers a huge amount of freedom and literally, anyone can contribute to digital content. That makes it incredibly tough to find a reliable source for the information you are looking for. You need to be particularly careful if you need info related to your health.

One of the sources that thousands of visitors across the world use is Consumer Health Digest, but should you really trust it?

That is what we are about to find out in this review.

Consumer Health Digest is a website that offers various health information and content types that include news, practical tips, guides, and supplement and latest product reviews.

The content is not limited to physical health, but you can also find articles about mental well-being, as well as a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, weight loss, exercise, etc.

Who Contributes to Consumer Health Digest?


They will focus on the quality of content in a moment, but let’s see first who the contributors to Consumer Health Digest are.

After all, when it comes to sensitive health-related topics, authors’ credibility can play a vital role in the quality of content and deciding whether you can trust it.

The team of writers and editors of Consumer Health Digest are carefully chosen for their knowledge on the health industry or its specific part and their experience in writing. The writers with extensive skills write the content while the professional editing staff double-checks everything to ensure that the information provided is evidence-supported and fact-based.

The team is also working with medical professionals, as well as professional coaches, dieticians and nutritionists, to ensure to offer the highest quality of the content.

Another thing that adds to the credibility of the website is the fact that when you are reading an article, you can take a look at who wrote it. Not only you have the author’s name and picture, but also a short biography so that you know who wrote the text. This speaks in favor of the authority of the article and undoubtedly makes it more credible.

Consumer Health Digest also lists the entire team of contributors on a separate page so that you can find and read the articles of your favorite contributor in no time.

How to Determine the Quality of Content?


The topic of content quality on health websites has even been the subject of a scientific research. That sounds understandable because everyone, including the medical professionals and visitors, cares about getting valuable and accurate information that will truly improve their knowledge on the topic.

Unfortunately, the internet content is not regulated, which allows creators to heavily manipulate and publish false information.

There are, however, tools and ways to determine the quality of content on a certain website. These methods also determine whether you should trust the website, so let’s see how Consumer Health Digest performs:

·         Completeness – as you might assume, this indicates that the author included all important information about the topic. When dealing with health articles, you do not want an essential fact to be left out. The authors of Consumer Health Digest always make sure to include all vital information and leave nothing out. Perhaps the best way to notice this is to read one of the many product reviews published on the website. They go into the smallest details, such as ingredient and manufacturer info, working process, advantages, and drawbacks, and so on.

·         Understandability – the target audience of Consumer Health Digest are people looking to find out more about health and how to manage their physical and mental well-being. Although authors have an extensive knowledge about the topic, they should still make sure to write everything in a clear, concise, and understandable way, and that is exactly what the contributors of the website do.

·         Relevancy – you’ve surely read an internet article that quickly goes off track and ends up saying more about something entirely off-topic. The editing team of Consumer Health Digest ensures to stay relevant and always on point.

·         Depth – when we discuss article depth, this also has to do with completeness. Nothing should be left out, but the authors should also make sure not to be superficial. Instead, they should include extensive, complete, and relevant information so that the users can read everything they might need on the topic on that particular page. Consumer Health Digest fulfills this expectation and the authors are always as detailed as needed to provide visitors with all the necessary information

·         Accuracy – it might be the last on the list, but there is a good chance it is also the most important one. The contributors to this website are well-aware that you achieve accuracy by performing fact checking. Every info that you find on Consumer Health Digest is evidence-based and double-checked. Should they want, the visitors can easily verify with other reliable sources.



In case you were having doubts, we hope that this article managed to convince you that you should trust Consumer Health Digest and the content found on their website.

They managed to combine high-quality content with credible and experienced authors and that is the best recipe for providing valuable information to the readers.



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