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5 Top Secret Online Dating Tips from Flirt.com

12/27/2017 10:12

Online dating is a modern phenomenon. Combining the age-old quest of searching for love with the convenience of a social media platform, it’s no wonder date sites command huge visitor numbers, eager to take advantage of this flexible way to meet partners. And the numbers are increasing all the time.


Perhaps you’ve already signed up to dating site? Or you might be new to this form of matchmaking? Either way, we have some interesting news. Flirt.com regularly surveys their members to get feedback on various aspects of online dating service and the results are always fascinating! Here we present their top five secret dating tips.


The best way to address strangers

One subject that consistently cropped up in the answers to our questionnaires was this. The way someone refers to you in their online chat can make a huge difference. For females, being referred to by a male as either women or females is considered polite and respectful. What they don’t like is when the person at the other end of the messaging service talks about them as girls, conveying someone old-fashioned and chauvinistic.


Perhaps surprisingly the use of emojis – a common staple of teenage webchat rather than an aspect of serious online dating – was perfectly acceptable. The likely explanation is this shorthand conveys informality and a good sense of humour, which are vital ingredients when attracting an online date.


Portraying yourself

In the online dating world, profiles with a picture attract way more attention than even the most literate description. It always pays to take some time to compose your portrait. Use a decent camera rather than a smartphone, and make sure your snap is taken in daylight to avoid it blurring. A flawed picture will instantly telegraph, rightly or wrongly, that your personality may be equally unreliable.


Our survey revealed that guys prefer women who look invitingly into the lens, while women are quite partial to men who chose to stare thoughtfully into the middle distance. When it comes to a gallery of images, opt for compositions showing off your unique interests, such as participating in a sport, playing an instrument, or set against an unusual backdrop. These are all excellent conversation starters.


The perfect profile

There is an obvious temptation to big yourself up when composing the all-important personal ad – that glowing description that will have suitors queuing. But what happens when you get to know someone better and they slowly uncover your tissue of half-truths and exaggerations? Perhaps they won’t trust anything else you say. Far better to be honest from the outset. Even better, once you’ve drafted your profile, ask a good friend to give it an objective once-over before pressing the ‘submit’ button. As with the photos, it’s always a good idea to emphasis leisure activities – this will assist with physical attraction.


Be proactive

Unlike the traditional dating world, when individuals are often afraid of coming over as pushy, with online dating the opposite applies. Our survey showed it was important to be proactive, letting your personality come through as confident and enthusiastic, contacting your love interests with regular messages.


When to engage

Another secret dating tip we gleaned is perhaps the least obvious. While the nature of online dating means the channels of communication are available 24/7, there are certain peak times when our members preferred engaging with the service. By far the most popular is Sunday afternoon. Undoubtedly users are eager to spice up their weekend with some excitement as the working week beckons. So if you want to meet someone special, now you know when to get looking!

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