Rogan: Why the flying knee? Masvidal: Because he’s a bum.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin announces that his country has become the first in the world to grant regulatory approval to a COVID-19 vaccine.

Florida reports a 137% increase in virus infections in kids in the past month. During that same time period, hospitalizations jumped 105%.

A Black man sentenced to life without parole for a $30 marijuana sale will be released after 9 years, after a new hearing. Derek Harris was tried under Louisiana's "habitual offender" law. According to @ACLU : ▪️ 79% sentenced under it are Black ▪️ 64% are for nonviolent offenses

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What a bootlicker is not: someone supporting police trying to end violent riots What a bootlicker is: Businesses getting smashed up repeatedly by BLM rioters then saying "we support black lives matter"

Before Breonna Taylor, there's a depressingly long list of black women who were killed in their own homes or homes they were visiting during unjust or unnecessary police raids. Here's a thread of the cases I've compiled over the years ...

US Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar reacts to Russia's announcement that it approved a "world first" Covid-19 vaccine: "The point is to have a vaccine that is safe," not to be first

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"It's kind of the finish line for these two... but it's a new chapter for belugas around the world." After spending years in a Chinese aquarium, two beluga whales, called Little Grey and Little White, are enjoying their first taste of the sea since 2011.

SCOOP from me and @MotherJones : In the middle of the bizarre Kodak-Trump deal, a Kodak board member donated up to $180m worth of stock to a little-known Jewish synagogue with almost no public profile. What happened to the stock then? It's a mystery.