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“If everyone got vaccinated, hospitals would be under much less pressure... Your wait for your clinic appointment/operation/diagnostic test/A&E department would be shorter. Your ambulance would arrive sooner.” -UK health worker

As we’re all getting ready for both the joy and the stress that come with a busy holiday season, our @thrive  community shares some of the ways we can protect our energy during the holidays. Share yours in the comments!

This #Thanksgiving  let's remember all we're grateful for. Here’s my piece about how the power of #gratitude  shouldn’t be confined to one day.

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To kick off the holiday season, @thrive  and I are partnering with @RayDalio  in the #RedefineGifting  campaign, where we give out charity gift cards for people to give to the charity of their choice. It’s a great way to spread the amazing power of giving.

Our @thrive  community shares the little things they are especially grateful for this #Thanksgiving . Which of these resonates with you?

Loving former @PepsiCo  CEO @IndraNooyi’s memoir, #MyLifeinFull . It’s not just about her amazing ascent in the business world, but a call for a “moonshot” to fundamentally change our business culture and solve the “work and family conundrum."

"New research shows that it is not only curious questions, but also interesting answers, that further enhance learning and memory, particularly as children grow into adolescents," @angeladuckw , CEO and Co-Founder of Character Lab, writes.

Great piece on "the rule of clocking out" and the need to declare an end to our day, which @JustinJBariso  has said has allowed him to set priorities, keep everything in its place, and take control of his life.


This is why social distancing is so important right now. Share with your loved ones.

We’re not used to hearing about mental health and stress in presidential debates. Andrew Yang is changing that. #DemDebate 

Three ways to lower the level of gun violence in the U.S.: 1. Vote 2. Vote 3. Vote

Next moderator has to have mic control. #Debates2020 

Dear Elon, please change the way you work to be more in line with the science around how humans are most effective: You need it, Tesla needs it and the world needs it.

Pence is a great reminder that sounding civil and soft-spoken doesn’t mean you’re telling the truth. #Debates2020 

After @JLo ’s show-stopping halftime performance with @shakira , it’s such a teachable moment to see how much self-doubt and rejection she went through before she got to the #superbowl . Please share this with anyone who is going through their own self-doubts now!