Levitt / Boohoo / Lyttle Levitt December

Here's our updated story on the Levitt report: Boohoo knew of factory failings. Read the bit about what Lyttle didn't tell Levitt about December 2019 factory visit.

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Levitt / Boohoo / Lyttle Levitt December

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Add to this the fact Trump has pulled out of international instituions and agreements, you end up with a situation in which the leader of free world apparently hates the free world and has no interest in leading it

Welcome to Match 51 of IPL 2020, in Dubai Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Capitals #IPL2020  #IPLinUAE  #IPL  #MumbaiIndians  #DelhiCapitals  @gulf_news  @sak86 

🗣️"Even with this intervention, it's not going to be a free for all at Christmas" SAGE member @TweedieChap  speaking to fo @EllyOldroydlowing  reports the government is considering imposing a month-long lockdown in England 📲Read more

“The whole process was started by FA. We had series of meetings to May. “Having had courage to start process, it's shame they didn't continue that leadership. They are governing body. They should be the ones saying change is required.” - Rick Parry

There are only four teams still standing, after this weekend two will be a step closer to a chance at playing for the @MTN8  title. Kufa bani kwi wafa wafa this weekend? #SSDiski 

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"When he pulls out of treaties like the Paris climate accord, he reduces the international community's ability to ask a country to stop chopping down trees. If the US is no longer a stakeholder, why should anyone else be?”

"When the President congratulates authoritarians for winning unfair elections or calls genuine dictators his friend, it gives those leaders the propaganda win of an endorsement from the supposed moral leader of the world” says @Fromagehomme 

"As leader of 1 of the most powerful nations on earth, he's been able to behave with complete disregard for the institutions & norms that rely on good faith & trust in the international community. Undercutting that will be Trump's legacy " says @Nanjala1 

I think this thing is being badly managed and communicated to mitigate psychological impact and in fact in many cases the impact the other way isn’t being taken into account. Health vs economy is a false dichotomy.

Dear Boris, please, please don't cancel the football. It's all we have. Yours, Bob.