Dominic Cummings Boris Johnson / Matt Hancock

These key questions for Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson are still relevant even though Matt Hancock knows how ill coronavirus makes you

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Dominic Cummings Boris Johnson / Matt Hancock

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The Maharaja of Muscle @JinderMahal  makes his return to #CelticWarriorWorkouts ! If you’re ready for home workout hell sub now & see later:

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Good heavens the PM is a pantomime villain in action. Isn’t he , oh no he’s not.

Car crash liaison committee, PM should wear his glasses.

“I think I got eight turnovers right now.”⠀ ⠀ @KevinHart4real  reacting to his HS basketball highlights is too much 😂

Two years ago, Jayson Tatum threw down a poster on LeBron, then gave him a chest bump after the play 😤

Never before has a member of Congress been allowed to vote multiple times on behalf of another Representative. ❌ Not during the Civil War. ❌ Not during the Spanish Flu of 1918. ❌ Not during 9/11. Never. Why is that? Because it is unconstitutional.

70 Democrat Representatives aren't bothering to show up for work this week—yet they are still getting paid. Republicans are taking this to court. Tune in to the @HouseGOP  press conference starting at 11am ET.

70 House Democrats are giving their votes away to someone who does not represent their district or their constituents. That means the voices of more than 48 million people in America are being ignored, while their representative continues to collect a pay

50 Cent was "just a bit outside" six years ago today 😅