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Here’s a summary of a few of the findings of the Levitt review.

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@tcmbigcheese  @FatimaSalariaSure . But distractions can be disastrous on their own terms too. One of the skills of this govt is to troll with things which are also legitimately terrible

Mediators deluged with requests for help, false coronavirus claims to settle old scores, dark mutterings about the death of Joe Wicks: wrote about how lockdown tensions over the garden fence became 'like the English civil war' and are likely to get worse

Pleased to see my famous 'contingency flan' joke make its way into @NosheenIqbal 's piece about baking and not worried about @WillyDean  taking credit for it

Wrote about a particularly egregious example of how Section 20 notices leave people in financial crisis with little hope of redress, leaseholders left with bills of as much as £118k when they expected more like £25-40:

The only person to go on trial or to prison so far over issues exposed in Leicester factories this summer: a worker, Ranjit Kumar, who had a false ID document and got 12 months.

Ranting grandmasters, kids who suddenly play like the world no 1, and a cyber chess detective warning of a culture of paranoia: wrote about how coronavirus led to a crisis of 'computer doping' in chess

Wrote about Leicester's weird limbo state in the north-south lockdown wars, and spent some time with the amazing Mezmin Malida, who is still working to provide essentials to the shielding and the vulnerable even as everyone else goes back to work:

Wrote about how Andy Burnham went from 'the entrepreneur will be as much our hero as the nurse' to a region's righteous crusader, followed the law by including the phrase king of the north


Exclusive from @guardian  and @DailyMirror : New witnesses cast doubt on Cummings' lockdown claims. Retired teacher saw him in castle town when supposedly isolating at parents' place. Also seen walking among bluebells nr Durham after went back to London.

God bless retired chemistry teachers who google licence plates and have the results in their browser history, btw

Full quote: "Londoners will see increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days. There's no reason to be alarmed"

Favourite story of the day: Clement Attlee took in kindertransport child but never publicised it, the boy reveals for the first time (he's now 90)

Exclusive with the Mirror: police spoke to Dominic Cummings after he broke lockdown rules by visiting parents' house.

Dave Brown's cartoon in tomorrow's Independent, on the death of James Foley, is perfect.

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Some factories in Leicester stayed open despite lockdown and forced staff in. In one factory 15/80 workers were sick and working. PHE finds evidence garment factory workers were a major vector of transmission.

Video of Morehouse College's graduating class being told by commencement speaker Robert F Smith that he's paying off their student loans (re @Ocasio2018  tweet), which is just extremely cheering to watch - the way what's just happened spreads through them