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The denial of half the story from Cummings that *does* feature, by the way, is something he is ‘understood’ to have told No 10. Not on the record denial, not endorsed by an official, just passed on. It is so insane that people have to parse this nonsense when they read a story.

So much chaff from Shapps. It’s easy to sound aggrieved if you deny things that weren’t claimed.

Just to be clear, *even if* the daytrip to Barnard Castle was outside of the 14 day period, it is still an absolutely clear breach of the government's guidelines, and it hasn't been denied at any point.

What we know about Dominic Cummings’ movements, and what they haven’t told us yet:

When he says 'the media was told that it was wrong and reported it anyway', what he means is 'we refused to comment in a meaningful way at any point before publication'

But who among us has not driven 30 miles to test our eyesight


Exclusive with the Mirror: police spoke to Dominic Cummings after he broke lockdown rules by visiting parents' house.

God bless retired chemistry teachers who google licence plates and have the results in their browser history, btw

Full quote: "Londoners will see increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days. There's no reason to be alarmed"

Favourite story of the day: Clement Attlee took in kindertransport child but never publicised it, the boy reveals for the first time (he's now 90)

Exclusive from @guardian  and @DailyMirror : New witnesses cast doubt on Cummings' lockdown claims. Retired teacher saw him in castle town when supposedly isolating at parents' place. Also seen walking among bluebells nr Durham after went back to London.

Dave Brown's cartoon in tomorrow's Independent, on the death of James Foley, is perfect.

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Of niche interest: for us and the great @matthew_weaver , working with @DailyMirror  and @PippaCrerar  on this has been an entirely collaborative, effective process, good for readers and public interest, and best possible insulation against spurious claims of fake news. It works.