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Want alternatives to the bleak future promised by Facebook/Google?

Meet François, head of design at @Puri_sm. They’ve adopted the Ethical Design Manifesto (https://t.co/Nwh3RrwnsS) & are making a phone/computers.

Support them!

To the good folks who work at Facebook: You now know just how horrible the company you work for is. You now have a decision to make: do you continue being complicit or do you leave? You’re highly skilled. Other companies would love to have you. Choose one that doesn’t farm people
@EliasAarnio It’s not those _using_ Facebook that we should blame as there’s never a good reason to victim blame. If we’re looking for blame, start with the venture capitalists that fund #SurveillanceCapitalism , then move onto CEOs, then the technical folks who enable them…
@webhat @suprisingnature I liked the photo. It made me smile. I shared the photo. Thanks for the update on the apparent lie (“fake news” isn’t a thing) in the tweet. If the photo is fake, that would just make me sad. Oh, well…
Facebook bans Trump’s data analytics firm for taking user data: Strategic Communication Laboratories/Cambridge Analytica, Uni of Cambridge psychologist Aleksandr Kogan…


(Only Facebook can have your data and manipulate you with it.)

HT @laurakalbag
“Google has spent tens of millions of pounds funding think tanks that have published papers supporting its policy interests…The academic groups also stage events that allow Google lobbyists to rub shoulders with ministers and policymakers…”

New: Ethical Design: The Practical Getting-Started Guide on @smashingmag by the wonderful @trinefalbe, author of the excellent book White Hat UX that I had the honour of writing a foreword for.

“The movement towards a more ethical future has begun.”

Jin – Jiyan – Azadi

Who are Turkey’s jihadists butchering in #Afrin? These strong, independent women fighting for their freedom, democratic governance, and equality. Western feminists, where is your outcry? Where is your solidarity?

Build your startup like it will be owned by China one day.

Because it will.


(So, really, don’t build a startup at all. Don’t sell your soul to venture capital. Build a sustainable org that benefits humanity and doesn’t make money by profiling people.)
…To paraphrase @Snowden, the price of living as adults and with freedom is to accept a certain amount of risk.
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