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Human Rights ★ Social Justice ★ Ethical Design ~ Just released @betterbyindie ~

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Very impressed by @vuejs and @nuxt_js.
So tonight I’m gonna server-side render like it’s 1999.
Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no morals. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, has no ethics. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, is devoid of a conscience…


(With apologies to @tomfgoodwin)
@jhamby Indeed. Also, you don’t have to volunteer it; they buy it from data brokers, get it from governments, and others expose your data when they use those systems.
❤️ @Puri_sm – the ethical, free and open computer and phone maker – adopts the @indie Ethical Design Manifesto.


#ethicaldesign #ethicaltechnology
Indeed, I do, thanks for checking.


Privacy isn’t “the small stuff.” It’s a fundamental human right.

Human rights aren’t “the small stuff.” They’re prerequisites for human dignity & freedom.

isn#surveillancecapitalism’t “the small stuff.” It’s a threat to democracy.https://t.co/fUU7C23Ylc
@hollyherndon Tax the dopamine dealing platforms (regulate them) and fund the alternatives alternatively (from the commons)https://t.co/hBwyXaUqz5

PS. Have you seen Mastodon?https://t.co/J1bAA57afv ()

( @andrewcbHT )
@murakamiwood Indeed, I mean which one of us hasn’t called the people who trust us “dumb fucks” at some point or other? I bet the intervening years of astronomic fortune that rewarded those foundations have made him far more compassionate towards the livestock his factory farm processes. https://t.co/
Also note Facebook’s business model is hugely profitable. It’s hugely profitable to digitise people and own that digital copy to use as a proxy for manipulating future behaviour. They have absolutely zero market-based reason to better themselves. Regulate the shit out of them!
Dear @github, the last thing I expect when I click your button to express that I DON’T want to share telemetry with you in @AtomEditor is for it to attempt to connect to Google Analytics!
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