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Human Rights ★ Social Justice ★ Ethical Design ~ Just released @betterbyindie ~

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200,000 years of ignorantly believing every possible variation of bunk until the development of the scientific method (a relative eye-blink ago in the history of humankind) let us reproducibly verify our hypotheses proves that no human being has “a natural instinct for science”.
Flying to Amsterdam to take part in a workshop co-organised by Commons Network to help formulate a strategy to get the EU to shift its focus from “Digital Single Market” to one prioritising people/personhood/human rights & a healthy commons…

Original: https://t.co/fmkARHvWKM
@ncilla Here are some older posts on the subject that are still as relevant today:

* Rightscon or a right con?https://t.co/OE05SCEIGg

* Why I’m not speaking at CPDP (Hint: it’s the privacy-washing, stupid!https://t.co/GYuUAD6lIE)

* 2015 - originhttps://t.co/88pv0Lj38gs #APC2018:

@ncilla If you have any legitimacy in privacy and you speak at privacy conferences sponsored by surveillance capitalists like Palantir, Google, and Facebook, prepare to lose that legitimacy.

PS. Last tweet viahttps://t.co/24nyfcUemM #APC2018

Finally: academics/speakers pull out of Amsterdam Privacy Conference due to sponsorship by surveillance capitalists. Sadly, it took three years since @ncilla and I first publicly complained about this but better late than never.


Did you ever wish you could walk around the entire USS Enterprise? You could have thanks to this loving fan project CBS just killed. (There’s a walkthrough video in that post.)


Have a chat with them, won’t you, @SirPatStew?

HT https://t.co/2mH5C0LZiM
Better Blocker: thank you for our best week yet!


@laurakalbag and I want to thank those of you who purchased @betterbyindie last week. We had our best week ever and sold over 2,500 units. Better Blocker for macOS was the #1 paid app in the Netherlands…
Folks, don’t forget that I don’t check Twitter regularly – I might pop in from time to time. If you’d like to chat/reach me, find me on the fediverse (https://t.co/J1bAA57afv is a good place to start).

I have my own Mastodon instance & account at:

The new, radically simplified, Better Blocker for macOS is now out in time for today’s release of macOS Mojave :)

(And it supports Dark Mode. In case you care about such things.)

AT&T employee: “…m#GDPReans more popups on cookies & tracking…it also means that some websites from outside the EU are no longer accessible (the sites prefer to keep the detailed tracking & simply block EU visitors).”

More: https://t.co/zt6VBI5N8bhttps://t.co/JCmJO0Ey5x
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