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@violetblue @msnaughty But you had: it’s exactly Google’s business model and the business model of mainstream Silicon Valley technology but at a much smaller, more personal scale and with Martin Shkreli-esque optics ;)
#SurveillanceCapitalism #adtech #retargeting #remarketing #siliconvalley
@yashalevine @EFF The hardest part isn’t understanding what surveillance capitalism is or that it is led by Google, Facebook, & other Silicon Valley “unicorns”. The hardest part is understanding the role organisations like Mozilla and the EFF play in all this. You’re left with very few heroes.
If you aren’t following @yashalevine, you should be.

Read this:

All EFF’d Up: “@EFF had no problem with corporate surveillance: companies like Google were our friends and protectors. The government—that was the bad hombre here. Focus on it.”

Meanwhile, another everyday reminder about why we create freedom tech, thanks to @SamsungUK

(Have you preordered your @Puri_sm phone yet?… which reminds me, I need to get my hands on a prototyping kit ASAP if I can.)
Umm, @SamsungUS, I don’t think you’re supposed to be using the official @Apple “Download on the Mac App Store” button to link to a self-hosted DMG.


Watching @laurakalbag give the best talk I’ve seen on surveillance capitalism and ethical design and that includes mine.

Laura, preparing to give her talk on ethical technology at #adffs18
At the Fundraising Summer School where @laurakalbag is presenting today on ethical technology.

The opening video starts with MLK: “the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice”, continues with Tiananmen, and ends with #marchforourlives

If you missed my thread on The Spinner* yesterday, read it here: https://t.co/XVBp6Xd7dG

Thanks to @threadreaderapp by @jrmgx which I just discovered moments ago. It’s not a startup (excellent) so support it and help it become a stayup if you like/use it: https://t.co/xuMEGDOKM4
@fanf42 @extempore2 …The @mandubian @tuxedocomputers @system76 challenge is the consistency of the ecosystem but that’s something we can help with. The Gnome folks grok design. I’ll be doing what I can to help and to try and encourage others to help. Watch this space: https://t.co/ZMvqXOb190
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