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Happy Valentine’s Day my loves! ♥️ D x
We hit our @BGT Golden Buzzer today. It’s a real good un. You’ll have to wait to see who it is tho.... #BGT
The folks from @GWR came down to #bgt auditions at @PalladiumLondon today and surprised us with these! How lovely! Thank you.
Thank you doesn’t seem to cover it this year. We are humbled and honoured. We are so appreciative of your continued support and good wishes, they are never taken for granted. Thank u again. Now back to #BGT auditions! D x #NTAs
Good luck to all the nominees at tonight’s #NTAs, have a brilliant night. Gutted we’re not there, we are in #BGT auditions at @PalladiumLondon.
Thanks to those who votes for us and our shows 🤞D x
I’ll take that!! Cheers Terry. D x
#BGT 2019.
Audition day 1.
The boys are back in town!
Happy New Year! Here’s to a fantastic 2019 for us all. Big love.
D x

The Most Relevant

All the very best of luck to the little fella and @hollywills for the show tonight.
Lots of love from the big fella!!
Thank you for all the kind messages and well wishes for the big fella. He will be touched. Your support is, as ever, much appreciated.
DD xx
Just wanted to say thank you for all the lovely messages. The news has sneaked out a little earlier than we had hoped but Ali and I are delighted to be expecting our first child. Thanks for all the love, we really appreciate it ❤️ D x
Ali and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of our baby girl, Isla Elizabeth Anne, who was born just after 9 o’clock this morning. Mother and daughter both doing well, Dad is head over heels! D x
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