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author of GULAG and IRON CURTAIN, among others...director of Transitions Forum at the Legatum Institute...Washington Post columnist, CEPA fellow

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Not a mystery. They are staying out of the limelight and strongly backing AfD https://t.co/5RZjMYHV3K
Zuckerberg promises the end of dark ads. We'll see
Think the German elections are boring? Better to worry that they might not be https://t.co/5A4IlS7HmP
Facebook to turn over Russian ad sales from the 2016 election
As I was saying: the AfD is not trivial https://t.co/YpZd4iRHVc
Wrote this about Manafort in April 2016. Still relevant.
I wrote the 1945-1956 history! It was part of Iron Curtain. Try Andrzej Paczkowski, "Spring is Ours," for the rest.
And then they lost the war anyway, because they had no allies
in London tomorrow night? Come hear me discuss RED FAMINE with Anna Reid https://t.co/21kzQU5s0A
Saudi Arabian repression increases https://t.co/bEqhxhxtSY
Brexit Is Hurting the Fight Against Corruption, says @OliverBullough https://t.co/XOKDAIXy7m
Червоний голод" - війна Сталіна з українцями і українофобія спадкоємців СРСР

Merkel is way ahead. But Germany's far-right echo chamber is solidifying - with Russian help https://t.co/18OkMXzHCP
Alas more like a long-running tragedy
"Tworzy się alternatywną historię, która jest zwyczajnym kłamstwem" https://t.co/K6DCkAiiNl
What is this puff piece about Ivanka Trump doing on the cover of @ftweekend magazine? With zero investigation of her conflicts of interest?
It's not his beliefs, such they are, that matter - it's that he's a destructive opportunist, says @BretStephensNYT https://t.co/gitIew0ErU
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