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Tokyo bureau chief for the @WashingtonPost, focusing on Japan and the Koreas.

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@Dest_Pyongyang @AskAKorean (although I didn't have the ratio, but still, those who say North Korea is unpredictable aren't listening to what North Korea is saying)
Breaking news from New Zealand: Prime Minister and Labour leader Jacinda Ardern is in labour https://t.co/sZ2NAtjlcb
This is one of the things I most love about Japan: https://t.co/S6CV4AZk8x
The latest Japanese workplace "scandal" -- A city worker who popped out for three minutes to pick up a lunch box gets his pay docked, city officials gave a televised press conference where they bowed deeply and apologized https://t.co/mCQXV3Ay0p
Oh please. A Japanese plumbing company has come up with a business suit for manual work to help blue-collar workers look exactly like white-collar workers. https://t.co/R04zTuQWuW
we now have 251 women on this list!
South Korea and the United States have decided to suspend the Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise slated for August, Seoul's defense ministry said Tuesday, amid dialogue efforts to denuclearize North Korea. https://t.co/2K8OCtFcZp
Well, it’s at least pejorative. I don’t use this term.
The Choco Pie dividend: South Korean firms are drooling at the prospect of business in the North, say @BrianFMurphy and @myhlee https://t.co/pqe5SJGg4H
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