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Tokyo bureau chief for the @WashingtonPost, focusing on Japan and the Koreas.

Latest Scoops

China holds legitimacy in detaining two Canadians, the Global Times writes. "It is quite simple to end the crisis between China and Canada by giving back Meng's complete freedom." https://t.co/q5yB8U60Cu
This was a hard one to write: thinking about the conditions that ⁦@MichaelKovrig⁩ and ⁦@mpspavor⁩, both of whom I know and quote, may be held in right now. https://t.co/LVkxTxBwnM
‘Bloodthirsty’ like a wolf: Inside the military-style corporate culture at China’s tech titan Huawei, complete with boot-camps and battle cries. With insights from @ElliottZaagman https://t.co/ECj6cR7sPQ
maybe it's easier now to just list the ones that didn't?
How many years do we lose to the air we breathe? Cool (but scary) graphic from the @washingtonpost for anyone living in China (me) and India. https://t.co/JlsazBMWyn
Hope y'all got these while they lasted: Kim Jong-un Beauty Masks Are Pulled Off Shelves in South Korea https://t.co/69EDrjE2mM
Michael Spavor is "suspected of engaging in activities jeopardizing China's national security" and is now being investigated by national security bureau in Dandong. "At present, the case is under trial," local media reports. https://t.co/iYUHnRJH4W
The @washingtonpost editorial board: The Trump administration won’t stand for Khashoggi. It could at least stand for jailed Saudi women. https://t.co/WQCLJqCORu
The Canadian behind Dennis Rodman's travels in North Korea. Really nice profile here of Michael Spavor, feared to have been detained by the Chinese authorities in retaliation for the arrest of a Huawei executive in Vancouver. https://t.co/ysUyVXWMcK h/t @nvanderklippe
Here's a chilling video from @XijinHu, editor of the nationalist Global Times, warning that China's revenge against Canada "will be far worse than detaining a Canadian" (or, presumably, two.) https://t.co/VpwXwG5QZ3
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