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Tokyo bureau chief for the @WashingtonPost, focusing on Japan and the Koreas.

Latest Scoops

Last September I was writing about North Korea’s sixth nuclear test, of a hydrogen bomb no less. This September: The leaders of the two Koreas are standing together on the mythical home of the Korean people. You can be skeptical and still say that this is a welcome development
An unexpected winner of Trump’s trade war: Knockoff handbags. Another great read from ⁦@DPAQreport⁩ in Beijing https://t.co/ThlFIIJYh4
It’s Silly For Chinese to Worry About ‘Sissy’ Young Men: "These attacks are the result of male anxiety over a loss of power and authority." via @SixthTone https://t.co/Pt6fY4PFPU
The head of Coca-Cola in China has advice for Trump and Xi: "As all business is done in China, I'd probably suggest they exchange WeChat accounts and get on with this thing." https://t.co/gprwOWhdsG
Chinese premier Li stands defiant a day after Trump tariffs: “China’s development over the past decades has always been achieved by overcoming all sorts of different obstacles and challenge. Each time, we managed to pull through." Latest from @DPAQreport https://t.co/ttGLgxAj9l
As the Trump administration slashes refugee quotas by a third, PM Jacinda Ardern announces that New Zealand will raise its quota by a third. https://t.co/bjpLUxFVf7
North Korean art — produced by the state gallery but going beyond the murals and propaganda posters — will be on show in South Korea, at Asia’s largest arts festival. Our @Min_Joo_Kim_ got a sneak peak: https://t.co/szaNhQ6WnS
Excellent piece from @Yaqiu on #MeToo in China: "Like much of Chinese society, some male intellectuals and activists habitually call their female colleagues 'beauties' or 'goddesses' and post photos of scantily clad young women on social media." https://t.co/T1eOcb58pe
China Ready for "The Worst: in U.S. Trade War: Official estimates a 0.7% drop in GDP. “China has ample fiscal and monetary policies to cushion that impact. So we prepare for the worst, and we think the economy will still be fine.” https://t.co/PN2qEut1gY
New Zealand PM @jacindaardern on the 125th anniversary of women's suffrage: "Lifting wages, closing the gender pay gap, living free from violence, having the choice to be a carer, to have a career, be a mother — those are uppermost on my to do list." https://t.co/pFMgmEAptU
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