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If only someone had written a memo entitled “Causing Harm Considered Harmful” in a computing journal years ago, we’d be all set.

Only institution that’s gonna remove this motherfucker from office is McDonald’s.

LOL I think maybe 1% of my twitter followers have a vague idea what I do. Makes my life very weird.

I should have stopped watching TV after I saw the screen door to Redman’s crib, because I knew even then that no moment could ever top that one.

@soledadobrien  Well, and reporters who covered their statements as if they were telling the truth should issue corrections and admit they got played.

I think self-titled is better than Lemonade, but 🍵

I think this is the longest I've ever gone on a Friday the 13th without being conscious it was a Friday the 13th, or having someone mention it. But now I know!

Strong argument for Frankie Beverly, judging from the outside.

@DrPhilGoff  @johnlegendN  @michaelharrioto ! I was telling someone the other day that white folks don’t know Prince’s “Adore” and I felt like I was gonna get slapped. It’s wild.

@Ley_KJ  @johnlegendT  @michaelharriothey ’ve never heard the song. Same with “Knocks Me Off My Feet”. I posted a video of my son singing it (was the first thing he ever sang along to) and got a lot of 🤔


I’m in favor of immigrants who come to America to not do anything remarkable, who just hang out & sometimes spend time with their friends and family, who are flawed, regular people. I’m in favor of immigrants who don’t have to be superheroic or economic martyrs to justify access.

The White House. Disney World. The Empire State Building. Niagara Falls. #LoveWins 

Most of what gets shared as heartwarming stories are usually temporary, small-scale responses to systemic failures. I wish we found it just as inspirational to make structural changes to unjust systems, but I don’t know if our culture knows how to tell those stories.

Unlike , I’ve led teams creating innovative new tech on the Internet. Everyone who’s done so knows that killing net neutrality is bad for society — not just because it harms tech innovation, but because it compromises our civil rights.

Every goddamn year the media disrespects our kids for winning the spelling bee. Every time.

Did you know: Prince would often get a library card for any places that he was going to be visiting for more than a few days in a row; library cards for Oakland, Baltimore and other cities were amongst his personal effects at Paisley Park when he passed away.

How come we have to listen to the voice of the poor working class when they back white supremacists, but not when they pull off one of the most effective and sustained labor organizing efforts in decades? Where are the countless fawning media profiles of the teachers?

I expect they will have more to say tomorrow, but Ahmed's sister asked me to share this photo. A NASA shirt!

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