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What information source do you trust for news over the next week?

I keep saying they’re *anticompetent*. They actively root out competence.

It’s not “a win for democrats”, it’s “actually having a nominally functional democracy”.

@dens  Those who are trying to disenfranchise voters have always wanted there to be 50 different standards for people’s rights because it is so much more overwhelming to fight 50 different battles against voter suppression. This is a huge part of why they corrupted the courts.

@GeeDee215  I think I really thought things had shifted to where the white supremacists wouldn’t burn down the entire country but would instead just fume and lash out. The full embrace of a death cult seemed like the kind of thing I’d think of but then dismiss as too extreme.

Depends on whether you lead a racist death cult.

Nevada’s election officials have that “I just got in a cab, I’m 5 minutes away” energy.

This is the night NYC needed & deserved.

A sitting justice knowingly lying about, among other things, freedom of speech so that he can argue for a state religion is grounds for impeachment. Lying about birth control is grounds for impeachment. Restore this court to legitimacy.


I don’t want to be presumptuous, but you can also just wash your hands even if there’s *not* some pandemic currently capturing your attention. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion.

I’m in favor of immigrants who come to America to not do anything remarkable, who just hang out & sometimes spend time with their friends and family, who are flawed, regular people. I’m in favor of immigrants who don’t have to be superheroic or economic martyrs to justify access.

James Brown got his big break as a Little Richard impersonator. Hendrix got his start playing guitar in Little Richard’s band. The Beatles formed around his work. Bob Dylan and Freddie Mercury began with his music. It’s impossible to overstate Little Richard’s influence.

Second time in two weeks I’ve talked to a dad whose teenage son is being radicalized by content recommended to him by YouTube. Regular folks have no idea this stuff is out there, being force fed to kids, and no tools to help reduce or prevent the harm.

The White House. Disney World. The Empire State Building. Niagara Falls. #LoveWins 

Unlike , I’ve led teams creating innovative new tech on the Internet. Everyone who’s done so knows that killing net neutrality is bad for society — not just because it harms tech innovation, but because it compromises our civil rights.

Every goddamn year the media disrespects our kids for winning the spelling bee. Every time.

Most of what gets shared as heartwarming stories are usually temporary, small-scale responses to systemic failures. I wish we found it just as inspirational to make structural changes to unjust systems, but I don’t know if our culture knows how to tell those stories.

Did you know: Prince would often get a library card for any places that he was going to be visiting for more than a few days in a row; library cards for Oakland, Baltimore and other cities were amongst his personal effects at Paisley Park when he passed away.