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@jdesmondharris  @tressiemcphdThere ’s an organized attack on the infrastructure of higher learning that could threaten white supremacy or capitalist exploitation. It uses the same tactics of misinformation that recent political manipulation has, so it elicits the same reaction out of those people.

Honestly it messes me up every time when DaBaby says he’s going back to Cali “like Big” instead of like… LL. (Just a generational thing, I’m washed, I know.)

And we had @proseb4bros  on @podcastfunction  to talk about the uncomfortable tensions in how we represent ourselves through memes & GIFs online. You gotta listen!

Yesss yesss I want George Lucas to keep releasing new service packs for Star Wars forever!!! Episode 4.26 Extended Warranty Release addresses issues in Rodian localization and also includes various bug fixes and performance improvements.

From my hometown, I think it’s legit me?

@seldo  @MinaMarkhamIt’s a non-goal. I’ve been writing SQL for (ffffuuuuuu) 28 years and still look every time. I follow the recipe for my chocolate chip cookies every time, too, but they came out GOOD AS HELL tonight.

This moment at 7:15 where Ta-Nehisi nods at @blackthought  (and Illadelph Halflife in general) as inspiring and influencing his first book just sort of hit me. Really great @SHODesusAndMero  moment amidst all the usual hilarity. (cc ) @questlove 

You gonna point out that she’s telling the truth, or just pretend you’re incapable of seeing facts?


I’m in favor of immigrants who come to America to not do anything remarkable, who just hang out & sometimes spend time with their friends and family, who are flawed, regular people. I’m in favor of immigrants who don’t have to be superheroic or economic martyrs to justify access.

The White House. Disney World. The Empire State Building. Niagara Falls. #LoveWins 

Most of what gets shared as heartwarming stories are usually temporary, small-scale responses to systemic failures. I wish we found it just as inspirational to make structural changes to unjust systems, but I don’t know if our culture knows how to tell those stories.

Unlike , I’ve led teams creating innovative new tech on the Internet. Everyone who’s done so knows that killing net neutrality is bad for society — not just because it harms tech innovation, but because it compromises our civil rights.

Did you know: Prince would often get a library card for any places that he was going to be visiting for more than a few days in a row; library cards for Oakland, Baltimore and other cities were amongst his personal effects at Paisley Park when he passed away.

Every goddamn year the media disrespects our kids for winning the spelling bee. Every time.

How come we have to listen to the voice of the poor working class when they back white supremacists, but not when they pull off one of the most effective and sustained labor organizing efforts in decades? Where are the countless fawning media profiles of the teachers?

Every single kid on the city bus is talking about the climate strike, even crossing over to kids who go to other schools, who don’t usually talk to each other. (They are *also* talking about storming Area 51. ☺️)