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Nicaraguan by birth. American by choice. Miamian b/c God loves me. @CNN @ABC @Telemundo contributor. Unsuccessful dieter. Can often find me & my drink poolside.

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Took a break from the political horror show to go see @TheRock’s new thriller, #Skyscraper. Folks, do yourselves a favor: stock up on duct-tape.
@tomcolicchio, right words, wrong order, brother. It’s “Leche de Tigre”. But you get an A+ for effort. And damn, now I want some ceviche. 😂https://t.co/WywXsBbWsb
Recording conversations is like eating potato chips, nobody stops after just one.
Where there is one tape, there have got to be more.
The massacre going on in Nicaragua, has gotten shamefully little media coverage.
Freedom loving Nicaraguans feel alone and isolated.
Please let them know the world is watching and their struggle is not in vain. Please help me spread the word. Thank you.
#SOSNicaragua 🇳🇮https://t.co/wTzfvGtxmW
Yes, I’m angry. Angry as hell the US Presidency, our international standing, our democratic institutions, our elections, our shared American values, truth & decency are being damaged daily by this President & his enablers. We should all feel anger, & channel it into votes! 🇺🇸https://t.co/OFqhJhyR33
Trump said “no”, 🇷🇺 not trying to meddle in ‘18 elections;
Arrested 🇷🇺 spy had ties to NRA/others;
FB data collected by Cambridge Analytica accessed by 🇷🇺;
🇷🇺 wants to question 2 Americans, inc former US Amb. This complicit WH hasn’t ruled it out.
This is serious, folks.
In Nicaragua, Ortega’s heavily armed paramilitary forces are shooting-to-kill mostly unarmed student protestors. Almost 400 killed. Thousands injured. Pls RT. Helps to raise awareness & apply pressure on intl community
What a load of bull.
Trump said he liked “grabbing women by the pussy”. I thought I couldn’t possibly disdain him more.
Then, there was Charlottesville. I thought I couldn’t disdain him more.
Then, he put little children in cages.
Next, he slobbered over Putin.
Hell yes, I can disdain him even more.
Oh, God.
How can it possibly be only Tuesday?
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