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Latest Scoops

Franken resigned, being replaced by a woman. Conyers retired.
Moore got rejected like a defective toy.
Why is this awful Farenthold still in Congress?
Cc: @SpeakerRyan

Exclusive: Ex-Farenthold aide shares new details of vulgar and abusive behavior https://t.co/iwkV446Hqi
Ok, folks. Roy Moore lost. Steve Bannon is deflated. Omarosa was fired.
Can we focus on Puerto Rico again? Many there are still without electricity and lost everything. Let’s help give Puerto Rican kids something to smile about this Christmas. Please help if u can.🇵🇷🇵🇷https://t.co/HsxfBF22vi
Republicans, this is a “coming to Jesus” moment.

Time to stop behaving like a bunch of lemmings and following dark-hearted pied pipers who will lead you off a cliff.

This @WSJ op-ed on AL Election is a must read.

Wake the hell up! https://t.co/BBzVSgnP2Q
Seriously though, Democrats need to make #CharlesBarkley Chair of the DNC.
@ChrisCuomo and @jaketapper are bromancing again. This could be fun.
It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!
Mr. Mathis, your courage, your protest, it was not to no avail. You made a difference.
I forgot the double finger-snap.
Roy Moore lost.
Steve Bannon lost.
Donald Trump lost.
Pedophilia lost.
Bigotry lost.
Homophobia lost.
Racism lost.

Doug Jones won.
Mitch McConnell won.
African-Americans won.
Women won.
Victims won.
Justice won.
Morality won.
Values won.
Sanity won.
Decency won.
America won.
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