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Floridians, Early Voting begins today! Ignore the polls. We’ve all seen them be wrong before. It’s a cliché, but it’s true, only poll that matters, is the election. Many Florida elections have been decided by precious few votes (Bush/Gore 2000). Ur vote does matter. Just do it✔️
Don’t know @AndrewGillum. But I detest those stoking fear by saying he’ll turn FLA into Venezuela, Cuba or Nicaragua. It cheapens the pain of millions of Floridians who fled those regimes, which beat & kill opponents. Much like Trump’s friends in Saudi Arabia. It is demagoguery.https://t.co/AEbTaXQSUS
That was 1 question I really wanted answered by DeSantis. “Is Trump a good role-model for your children?” He dodged it. It’s such a simple answer. “No. Donald Trump is not a good role model for children. I hope my wife and I are good role-models for our children.”. Period.
I have a hard time believing this poll. Here on the ground, it feels a lot closer. Floridians need to remember how wrong state polls have been before. Vote! Vote! Vote!https://t.co/VeiCurXolu
Because covering-up Russian influence on elections and sexual assault wasn’t enough for Trump-world, let’s now pretend #JamalKhashoggi died in a fist fight, as proven by forensic evidence gathered from his body...oh, wait.
Yes, it’s outrageous Trump called a woman, “horseface”. It’s outrageous Trump praised dude who body-slammed a reporter. Yes, he’s using immigrant caravan to fire up base. What I want to continue asking is: “What the hell is the US gonna do about Saudis butchering a US Resident?”
What Trump’s doing right now, talking about the immigrant caravan, praising guy in Montana who body-slammed reporter, it’s all with purpose of diverting & distracting from the pressure he’s getting re . Do#khashoggin’t let the murder of a US Resident be swept under the Saudi rug.
Sometimes it’s good to start the day with a laugh. Frank Bruni’s facial reaction here, cracks me up.😂
For much of last 2 years, I’ve been disappointed at Republicans bending principles in order to accommodate Trump. I’m glad to see many Republican leaders regain their voice and recover their sanity -at least this once- and not look the other way on #JamalKhashoggi, despite Trump.
Trump scorecard:
-Defends Putin, says Russia had nothing to do with hacking US elections;
-Is “in love” with Kim Jong Un;
-Defends Saudis against mounting evidence they chopped-up a Jamal Khashoggi;
-Yet, attacks the leaders of Canada, England, Germany, and Cleveland Cavaliers.
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