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MTV News/New York Times; animal lover, pundit, pants-skeptic. If you make a joke about MTV playing/not playing music videos, I will mute you.

Latest Scoops

College Game Day couldn't quite pan away fast enough...
And it’s especially weird bc in the Trump family pumpkins would be considered “flesh toned.”
Hey Friday night twitter: I’m in a epic fantasy mood — just worked my way through The Blade Itself trilogy, Powder Mage trilogy, Fitz and the Fool. What else you got?
It’s Cthulhu I think.
Well obviously we don't allow cats on the kitchen counter.
Dude I’m so light I float.
This week’s @crooked_friends has a TW for discussions of sexual violence bc life needs a TW for sexual violence — and a reminder that there is help. @RAINN01′s hotline: 800.646.HOPE. ALSO visit their website for help via anonymous chat. You are not alone. You deserve to be heard.
Literally a giant “Fuck you” to women.
Some of us believe Franken’s accuser, too. I think he should probably resign.
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