Gabriel Sterling / Georgia Republican

A message from Gabriel Sterling, a Georgia Republican and voting system manager, for every elected official falsely claiming election fraud: “It’s all gone too far.”

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Gabriel Sterling / Georgia Republican

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President-elect Biden doesn’t need Congress to #CancelStudentDebt . He should take immediate executive action to help millions of struggling families, help close the racial wealth gap, and boost our economy.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. understood that racial justice was not attainable without economic justice—and that fight was about equity, dignity, and a brighter future for all of our children. As we celebrate his birth on this day in 1929, it’s on us to carry out his work.

Note to is not “standing up to a mob”of domestic terrorists when you do exactly what they want you to do after their attack. @HawleyMO 

Biden: "Quite frankly it's shocking to see members of Congress ... refuse to wear masks" when they were in a secure location during the Capitol siege last week. "What the hell is the matter with them? It's time to grow up."

Brilliant scientists produced nearly-miraculous vaccines in record time. Politicians, officials, and policymakers have screwed up the delivery. It’s a national scandal, echoed across many states, that can measured in hardship and death.

A president who was deemed unfit to send a tweet still has the power to send a nuke. Does that seem like a problem to anyone else?

Has Trump apologized to Pence for inciting the insurrection that could have had Pence killed?

New: Warp Speed leaders waited more than two months to approve a plan to distribute & administer vaccines proposed by U.S. health officials, leaving states w/little time to implement a mass-vaccination campaign. W/ @betswrites ⁩ @StephArmour1 ⁩

I'm pressing the IRS to investigate if Trump-backed groups played a direct role in planning or inciting last week's violent assault on our nation's Capitol. The American people deserve answers, and I won't rest until they have them.