Secretary / Stacey Abrams Governor Georgia / Voting Rights

Here's your Friday reminder that if the GA Secretary of State hadn’t been allowed to hold back 53,000 voter registrations, Stacey Abrams would be the Governor of Georgia right now. We have to stop the discrimination at the ballot box and restore the Voting Rights Act!

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Secretary / Stacey Abrams Governor Georgia / Voting Rights

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The people telling you we can't solve the climate crisis helped create it. The people telling you they won't sell off our NHS can afford private healthcare. The people telling you we can’t scrap tuition fees went to university for free. They are not on your side.

As Republicans in Congress decry the downfall of our democracy during the impeachment inquiry, just *one Republican* voted with the Democrats yesterday to protect voting rights. That should tell you all you need to know about their priorities.

Public ownership will stop you getting ripped off.

President Trump: "The world is more secure when people have the right to follow their convictions and to worship in peace."

In my view, it would be insane to argue that our criminal justice system is not racist, broken, and in need of serious reform.

On Armed Forces Flag Day, we salute our forces and their exemplary service to our nation.

Pelosi/Schiff Abuse Worsens, FBI “Finds” Clinton Emails, PLUS 5 NEW JW Lawsuits Against Deep State

December 7, 1941. #PearlHarbor  and six other #military  bases on the Hawaiian island of Oahu were attacked, beginning US involvement in #WWII . Today we remember those lost and are reminded of America's resilience and resolve in the years following.

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Incredible reception for Shri@RahulGandhi  by the St. Patrick's School band in Wayanad.