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Bestselling Author; Keynote Speaker; President, AmberMac Media; ? Co-host Podcasts: The AI Effect, Marketing Disrupted & #TheFeed @siriusxm; TV Host & Expert?

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@DougMaclean  Right?! Maybe Thanksgiving. Our new house in Charlottetown has been full of "Bubble " renters all summer, so at least others are enjoying it😂. We've stayed a total of 5 days there since we bought/renovated it last year.

Tomorrow's newsletter. I need your help. Every issue I pick a theme for the Subject and Mini Essay. What should this Tuesday's topic be? Past topics include: 👍Power of Yes 🚀The Innovation Test 📣Marking Mini Milestones Last week's issue:

For @DougMaclean  🏑♥️ CA 👇 Another creative Islander in the news.

Thank you! The new podcast #TheAmberMacShow  is now sitting nicely as a #4  Technology podcast, nestled among some heavy hitters and well-known publishers. I realize it's hard to hold on to this position, but we will do our best.

Listening to (& loving) tonight's @strombo  show on @AppleMusic  - so glad we have regularly scheduled programming again with this Canadian icon CA 😍🚀 LISTEN LIVE HERE:

Dear friends, THANK YOU! Our new show #The AmberMacShow is holding strong as a Top 10 Tech Podcast. Plus, your reviews are much appreciated.⭐️ (or wherever you get your podcasts - search AmberMac) We're working on the next ep, as well as bonus content.

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I am proud to wear a mask 😷 & I believe the science behind wearing a mask. I trust the CA COVID Alert App & I use it on my phone. I'd love to see my family one day soon, so am doing the above to achieve that goal & keep Canadians safe. That is all.

Fantastic! Yes, PEI is doing amazing things on tech front (along with other provinces in the region). Congratulations on the move @CantechLetter  CA ❣️🚀

Hello friends: The next ep of #TheAmberMacShow  podcast is focusing on Self-Care in the Digital Age. We are almost finished with the episode, but I'm keen to find ONE MORE GUEST to interview. You were all VERY helpful with ideas for past episodes, so tag your suggested guest👇


Proud to live in a country where our prime minister: 1. Openly hosts town halls where citizens can share their fears & ask uncomfortable questions 2. Defends our immigration policy with facts, history, and heart ??

??It wasn't until 1960 that ALL Canadian women finally had the right to vote in a federal election. 1960. It took decades and decades to win that right. Every vote counts. Please share. Submit your postal code to find out where to vote today #elxn43 

As explains, here are 3 skills you need to survive and thrive during the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Plus, learn why optimists are winners. #SalesforceTour 

Tornado warning & pulled over at ONroute in Brockville, hanging inside with our 10YO ?Photo by @chrisdick 

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I've been hopeful people do the right thing & distance when possible / wear masks. However, just went on a 🐕 walk in Leslieville, Toronto & strolled by 4 large (10-15 ppl) outdoor gatherings on tiny decks / in small backyards. No distancing. No masks. We are in trouble. 💔

At CTV @TheMarilynShow  today and want to remind everyone that it's #BellLetsTalk  Day. Bell will donate more towards mental health initiatives in Canada by contributing 5¢ for every applicable text, call, tweet & retweet. Pls share ♥️

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I doubled my 2016 revenue using tips like this. Wanna build a bigger business w/ & ? #BuildABiz 

Who plays a sport where the longer you play, the more likely you die? answers for ? #BuildABiz 

What a lovely profile in @nytimes  of BC's Dr. Bonnie Henry CA "The keys to an effective quarantine, she came to understand, were communication and support, like food and medical follow-up, not punitive measures."

In the 1980s, the average American bought 12 new articles of clothing every year. Today, the number is 64-68 new pieces a year. And, get this: half of which are worn 3 times or less. @patriotact  #FastFashion  In 2020, I'm thinking no new clothing for me. #BuyUsed