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Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff explains how he was able to acquire over 50 million pieces of PPE for hospitals across the globe. @Benioff  @WalterIsaacson  @salesforce 

"What if China invents the vaccine first? Are they gonna give it to us?" @mcuban  @WalterIsaacson 

“This is freedom in the way children understand freedom.” @RadioFreeTom  @hari 

"I feel sometimes now we are taking all that social capital we built up and are burning it a bit while we are staying productive remotely," @Microsoft  CEO Satya Nadella says to @WalterIsaacson. 

"I see arsonists returning to the scene of a fire and putting on a costume and claiming to be firefighters," Anand Giridharadas says of billionaires stepping up to help during the pandemic. @AnandWrites  @hari  @VICELAND 

"We have, in every phase of American life, designed a system that is bespoke tailored to serve rich people's interests." @AnandWrites  @hari  @VICELAND 

"The disruption is coming, and to be blunt, we deserve it," says Scott Galloway on the cost of higher education. @hari  @profgalloway  @NYUStern 

The artist JR created a virtual yearbook for this year's graduating high school class. @JRart  @hari  @GradTogether